LGRL Midseason mayhem Rules

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    Here is a quick rundown of the rule changes this week, if its not specified in the post than its normal LGRL rules.

    1. Any player can play a max of 4 matches this week, no matter how many game each series goes it all counts the same.

    2. There will be no minimum amount of matches for any player.

    3. There will be no limit on the amount of matches TC players can play.

    4. The one roster sub limit is removed for this week.

    Lobbies do not need to be remade between games, rocket league allows you to change the match settings between matches.

    Basic format is Best of 5 match every team will play each other, team with the best record wins.


    • Non-regulation arenas and mutator combinations voted by the LGRL community
    • Best of 5
      • Game 1: Dropshot Rumble on Core 707
      • Game 2: Rumble on a Standard arena
      • Game 3: Mayhem mutator combination on a Standard arena
      • Game 4: Standard 3v3 on Double Goal arena
      • Game 5: Dropshot on a Core 707
    The mayhem mutator combination is listed below.

    • Ball Max Speed - Super Fast
    • Ball Type - Default
    • Ball Weight - Super Light
    • Ball Size - Default
    • Ball Bounciness - High
    • Boost Amount - Unlimited
    • Demolish - Default
    • Goal Reset - Default
    If not listed in green above it is to be left as the default setting.