League News LGRL Season 3 Awards (Warning Pic heavy thread!!!)

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    LGRL CUP v206.png
    LGRL CUP Champions - LIVE ACTION

    First award we have is the LGRL Cup. The Cup everyone is chasing all season and this season it goes to LIVE ACTION! After a hard fought Finals the team that @THEGOONRSPECIAL and @K1NG SW1SHA put together came out on top. With great performances by @Hiperay, @Slomo, @Snack Attack 12, @ItsLawful, @T Jenx, @Scheckel29, and @IXI Ein IXI helped this team be almost unstoppable in the playoffs. As good as those players were in the playoffs none of them had as great of performance as @kid comet, coming up big after K1NG SW1SHA was unable to play in the playoffs. He lead his team in every statistical category with the exception of saves and tied for goals while playing every teams best players. Overall it was great team effort and was fun to watch our own LGRL streamers broadcast. Again Congrats to the whole LIVE ACTION team on a great season.

    LGRL On Point Award - Scotty Stelene

    Second award is the LGRL On Point Award, this award is given to the player who finishes the regular season with with the best regular season record, based off of winning percentage and 20 games played minimum. @Scotty Stelene had a absolutely ridiculous record this season, winning 87.5% of his games going 21-3. It was a massive improvement over his performance last season and will be interesting to see if he can replicate this success next season.

    LGRL Perfect Presence Award - Kid Comet

    Now we have the LGRL Perfect Presence Award, this award is given to the best playoff record. This award goes to @kid comet after having a solid 5-1 record winning 83.3% of his games.

    LGRL Hero Award - Kiomey

    Next up we have the LGRL Hero Award, this award is given to the regular season MVP. The MVP was picked based on a number of different factors. This season we felt that it deserved to go to @Kiomey, who help lead his team in wins and points.

    LGRL Diamond Club Award - Kid Comet

    Here we have the Playoff MVP, and as with our last playoff award this is again going to @kid comet, a strong case could of been made for Tacostash but ultimately we felt he helped his team win the cup and deserved the award more. He went 5-1, with 5 goals, 5 assist, 3 saves, and 15 shots.

    LGRL High Five Award - Tacostash84

    This award is given to the player with the highest score total over the regular season. Taking home this trophy is @Tacostash84 with a massive score of 15281 averaging about 270pts a game.

    LGRL Chief Closer - Tacostash84

    This award is for the most goals over the regular season, Also going to @Tacostash84. One of the main reasons for his high score total was the amount of goals, scoring a total of 64. Just narrowly beating out hiperay by one goal t capture the title.

    LGRL Playmaker Award - Kiomey

    Next we have the LGRL Playmaker Award, this goes to the player who had the most assist during the regular season. This one is going to @Kiomey for assisting in 45 of his teams goals leading his teammate Taco by 7 assist.

    LGRL Constant Contributor Award- Kiomey

    Now we have the LGRL Constant Contributor Award, this is for the most goals and assist total over the regular season. This one is also going to @Kiomey. He had 61 goals and 45 assist totalling 106 points. Again barely beating out taco who had 102pts.

    LGRL Savior Award - iTz YAHTZEE CuZ

    Next we have the LGRL Savior Award, this award is given to the player with the most saves over the regular season. This award is going to iTz YAHTZEE CuZ by leading the leagues with 59.
    LGRL Sharpshooter Award - DR0C

    Last we have the LGRL Sharpshooter Award, this is given to the player who has the best shooting percentage with a 20 games played minimum. We had a few people that were pretty close together in this category and went with the person who played the most games as it's harder to keep that average up over the course of 37 games as opposed to 23. With that said we giving this award to DR0C. He had a very solid 51% scoring on 47 of his 91 attempts over the course of 37 games.

    That's all the awards we have for LGRL season 3, I hope everyone on here is ready to defend their titles next season. I look forward to seeing everyone again next season. It might take awhile for these awards to show up but they will show up at some point today.​
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    Wheres the reward for the Worst Shooting % thats totally mine.
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