Xbox LGRL Season 4 Week 3 random assignment

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    As usual this may take a while to show up on the roster page. Some players are currently on PMO as this is the random reassignment of the merged TC players and every team got at least one new signup as well.

    ??? Crossbar Wizards @cdubb06
    ??? Crossbar Wizards @TOSKILLED4GAMES
    ??? Crossbar Wizards @Insinuate l13l
    ??? Crossbar Wizards @l SpaceLlama l

    [​IMG] EZ Street @l Rinne 35 l
    [​IMG] EZ Street @Ghostyy eX
    [​IMG] EZ Street @EPICxXcharge9
    EZ Street @l Bix l

    [​IMG] Live Action @eLeX Lazer
    [​IMG] Live Action @xMaZdASkiLlSx
    [​IMG] Live Action @Ted Teddy Bear
    Live Action @M a x y l19l

    [​IMG] Portland Motor Oils @Lit Bread
    [​IMG] Portland Motor Oils @Mantha
    [​IMG] Portland Motor Oils @OD Flux
    Portland Motor Oils @RGurley10

    [​IMG] Synchronized @FSTx McKNIGHT
    [​IMG] Synchronized @IC O ID ii IE
    [​IMG] Synchronized @LJS1324
    [​IMG] Synchronized @BigDekeWaner8
    Synchronized @A GingaNinja12

    [​IMG] The Prospects @RiseAboveDaHate
    [​IMG] The Prospects @letithappn
    [​IMG] The Prospects @Konecny x 11
    [​IMG] The Prospects @Kiroxy IV
    The Prospects @Touches

    [​IMG] Ugly Brothers @Dualtz
    [​IMG] Ugly Brothers @SirMikeKnight
    [​IMG] Ugly Brothers @thechris78
    Ugly Brothers @Giroux
    Ugly Brothers @josetheginger75
    Ugly Brothers @FackerXAssassin