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    Welcome to the LGRL! Thank you for choosing to spend next season with us here at LeagueGaming's Rocket League community. The next couple things you will see in this post will help you get a better understanding of the website and where to go to answer any questions you may have.


    We REQUIRE everyone to use our personal LGRL discord server, https://discord.gg/WQe4zFd. Discord can be used through their website, PC or mobile app so there is a way for everyone to use it.

    This is a league that allows PC and console players to compete together and is one of the top voice apps and is one of the easiest ways for PC players to communicate with their teams with voice or text chat with each other as well as the whole LGRL community. It is also very helpful to league staff, team ownership, and players alike to get any questions answered quickly as well as find like minded people to play with at any point during the day.

    Below you will find some very important things mostly pertaining to how to navigate the LG website, as well as some of the things required for being a player. One thing I want to get across first is

    First thing that applies to all LG leagues once you sign up is the LG Participation & Quitting Policy Everyone is bound by it when they signup and carries across all LG leagues.

    1. Constitution/Rules

    Almost anyone can agree that the most unattractive part about a league is the rules but reading them and understanding them is crucial for your experience here in the LGFA. Below is an image of the LGRL forums on where to access the Constitution.


    2.How Do I get on a Team? Pt 1 Offseason

    The next part of your process depends on where the league is at. If we are in an offseason, now is the time to tryout for teams that are in the LGRL. There's two ways to be scouted and earn your spot onto a team.

    2a. First way to get a try out is to go to the rosters page to see who the owners are. You can message the owners either through a private message on LG or a xbox live message. You can find where pick up games, the chatbox, and the rosters are in the image above.

    2b. Second way is to go to the LG Pick Up Games that is located below the chatbox. If you click on that tab, it'll bring up a list of scouting games across LG (not just the LGRL). The chatbox in the LGRL is another way to post that you're looking for a tryout as well.

    How Do I get on a Team? Pt2 During Season

    If you've signed up during the season, DON'T WORRY, you're not too late! Every week on Friday, you'll be randomly assigned to a team's Training Camp and will have your rights assigned to that team. You will receive an alert as to what team you've been assigned to. You can refer to the roster page to see who your management is and who you're playing for. From here you want to play as often as you can and be proactive for your team for when you may be called upon to play. You can eventually work your way up to a roster spot if the owner decides to call you up.

    What if my Team Doesn't Need me? What do I do as a Training Camp Player?

    Every season a team uses their Training Camp quite often because sometimes a team can't get enough player on for a game. As a league we are currently looking into having a system similar to the LGFA & LGHL for training camp players to have competitive games for developing our training camp players to help promote them to making it to a full time roster spot. More on this will come after the start of the season.

    There's a lot of great tools and features this site has to offer. Just navigate around the website and you will see all the tools that can make your experience here a good one. We are all here to assist you in having a great experience an organized Rocket League competitive League so please never hesitate to contact the staff or myself.

    -IXI Ein IXI
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