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    Whats up fellas, I changed my position from LD to LW this season and wanted to see if anyone would like to scout me. I'm primarily a defensive grinder LW, who likes to feed goal scorers and use a cycle type game (can play any wing and center if needed as well). Like to use the Dmen a lot and plop myself in front of net for tips and screens. If anyone thinks I might be a good fit for their team, I believe I could easily fit in as at least a decent 2nd liner in the AH.

    My average availability per week is usually 3 days. My work schedule is always fluctuating so I wont be able to play on a set schedule. I know this is a drawback but I will always communicate with a team leader when there is an issue.

    I'll be on tonight at around 10:15 and tomorrow all day, so just send me a message if you're interested.

    Thanks guys
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