Manley's S13 Preseason Power Rankings

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    What better way to stir the pot and add to the league? Here is my prediction on where teams will land at the end of the regular season. Note that this was written before any preseason games were played. This is purely for entertainment and discussion. I could be very wrong. Also, I will ONLY be pointing out the positives of teams and their players. I am not here to ruin anyone's day.

    1. Inter Milan
    This team 's management is dangerous. Their midfield looks comfortable in possession. Their press is suffocating. Their goalie is game-changing. Shoutouts to Albralelie-sV. Owner of the team that won the LG off-season tournament.

    2. Napoli
    Their management is filled with great guys you can respect. Their strikers are great. Their defensive midfielders are stars. They have great names on defense that are consistent. Interestingly enough, in the friendlies before preseason, they have let up a decent number of goals. I have no doubt they will clean this part up.

    3. AC Milan
    I felt bad placing them low but their bidding seemed a bit unprepared. I mean that with no disrespect. I know of defenders they have bid on that told me they couldn't even make many games. In my opinion, They have the best offense and that may be enough to get them through many games. However, teams that can handle the pressure their midfield brings may find a questionable defense filled with players playing out of position potentially. I could be wrong and things could change. If daattoo swallows his pride and plays CB, I think it makes them that much more complete. He will probably be angry at me for writing that last part lol.

    4. F.C. Crotone
    This is a tough team for me to place. They won the paid tourney against a bunch of LG teams. They looked solid doing it. LG teams didn't quite look as solid as they do mid season in that tournament. The LG teams I know can park a pretty hard bus. LG is a league that might take adjusting to but I don't think that will stop this team. This is a group of guys that could come in and give us a reason to complain again about people bringing in their friends for 500k haha.

    5. Roma
    Guardado is the best CB I have ever played beside. I was in his shadow season 11 beside him. He brings leadership, composure and sternness that will create a great, competitive atmosphere to play in. I don't know everyone on this team but I see Berto, MK9, Canine and more. It's a good team.

    6. Lazio
    This is a team with a good CAM and very good strikers that have chemistry with one another. Bhooper is an intense personality that demands excellence from others. Silva can clean up anything. Their defense is a bit unfamiliar to me but if it is average at worst, they will do well. FatalClown- is the best goalie the league doesn't know about in my opinion.

    7. Udinese Calcio
    My team has played this team quite a few times in friendlies. They are by no means a finished product. They need more time to gel in my opinion. Finkle can have great games. J-Bohemian is amazing. Blas is the best defensive striker in the league. He puts in so much effort when defending from that striker position and I cannot explain ebough how valuable that has been to his teams. Their midfield while not bad, could struggle against some of these stacked midfields in the league. Their defense has stars but they need more time like I stated before. Mullet can be a bit prickly but his presence will ensure that defense finds their way.

    8. Genoa C.F.C
    Kevin is a Tom Brady presence that turns Goes' team towards a win-now mentality. It's weird how much this team has changed. I remember joking with Goes about how our teams struggle to score goals but we defend very well. His team seems very top heavy and the defense might be suspect. Armando in my opinion, is the best goalie in the league. Many could argue there are better goalies as it is subjective but I feel confident in giving that title to Armando.

    9. Atalanta B.C
    Cosmin is a staple of the league. I love his presence. This is another team I think is top heavy. They have good defensive talent but the teams above them are just more complete in my opinion. No knock on the defense as there are certainly players I would love to have on my team. Go ahead and AC me for tampering now.

    10. Torino F.C.
    This team looks good in the front and in the back. The management did a lot with 30 million. I feel bad putting them at 10th, but i genuienly don't think they will be a bad team. I guess that speaks to how deep teams seem this season? Their midfield are the biggest question area for me as I wonder how they will adjust to other teams' presses.

    11. ACF Fiorentina
    It is a bit unnerving to place my own team within a power ranking. This is my best guess. For obvious reasons, I don't feel a desire to speak about this group of players and their potential.

    12. Juventus
    DJ is my boy. Last season was a bit rough for this team. With that being said, Juve have done something recently that will catch teams off-guard at times and I want to leave that a secret because I am genuinely rooting for this team to find success. Don't get caught thinking you can walk this team this season.

    13. Parma Calcio
    This team is a funny when I look at it on paper. I took over Elche last season after the previous management had quit. The team wasn't quite a team I thought could compete so I did a lot to fix it in a short amount of time with a limited amount of resources. The management here managed to combine the Elche club that was there before I arrived with the Elche club that I put together after I arrived. To make it even more confusing, the owner of this team asked for a transfer request out of this team. Seems odd that he would then acquire it in bidding. To add to my confusion, Breed and Scrumz have a relationship that doesn't ever seem like it could be amicable. With that being said, there are stars on this team and many players that I think are seriously underrated. Puma has blossomed into the league's next really good striker that people talk about. The biggest challenge will be how management puts these pieces together as focus will be their biggest issue.

    14. U.C Sampdoria
    We are getting low in the standings so obviously teams down here are teams I believe have glaring issues. I don't want to be too negative so I will refrian from stating my full opinion. In short, This team has great players and I love their midfield. I am not sold on their forwards, defense and goalie situation. There are some players here I don't know so I cannot give the most informed opinion but this is my best guess.

    15. U.S. Sassuolo Calcio
    The last 2 owners here are both pretty new to the league. That alone puts them at a disadvantage. I think there are good players in Sassuolo and their defense looks like it could grow into something solid. Still though, I wonder if their midfield and offense can find a way to be productive. I hope this team proves me wrong.

    16. Cagliari Calcio
    (Please don't hate me for this.) This team just seems a bit inexperienced in my opinion. They definitely seem to be setting up for next season. I have some friends on this team and I am definitely glad that they are getting playing time. They deserve it. I just think you need to mix in the inexperience with some vets that can guide them.

    Conclusion: Well, those are my thoughts. Go out and prove me wrong. If you @ me in gen chat over these power rankings, I will two-foot you on the pitch.
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