May 4th FNP Cancelled + News

Discussion in 'Friday Night Puck (PSN)' started by JTresatti, May 4, 2018.

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    As you know FNP PSN, has been a shit show for a while now, after Stavio annouced his retirement last week, I will be stepping out of my own retirement to try and get this back on track. Not that this league is going to suddenly get super popular again, but I am hoping to just get it running weekly and smoothly. What would really help is another set of capable hands that can click buttons on Friday nights in case I am unavailable on any given Friday. If you have any interest shoot me a PM and I will try to get it by site staff ASAP.

    We wont be running FNP this week as I am busy tonight and I am hoping to get another commissioner in this off-week. Next week we will continue, with/without a new commisioner.

    I hope this addresses any questions, and please, I saw alot of people complaining about how Stavio and I run this thing, which is warranted as we havent done a great job, so come and help out and maybe we can actually have a decent Friday night league for the people who enjoy it, as I do, even if its seen as a joke by many.
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