Midseason Studs and Duds and Current Team MVPs

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    :team95:Brooklyn Nets:team95:

    Stud - @JakeFaceBabYeaii 500k (5-8)

    He has a losing record yes. But is averaging 16.7 PPG 13.3 RBG 1.8 SPG and 1.3 BPG at only 500K. That's the league minimum and hes proving he is one of the better big men in the league

    Dud - @thetuffiest30j 3M (5-6)

    Isnt really his fault hes at 3 million. He signed up late and was traded for automatically putting his contract at 3M. But averaging 10.8 PPG 7.9 RBG 2.1 SPG and 1.1 BPG isnt that bad... but when jakeface is doing so much more at 1/6th of the cost it has to go to him.

    Current MVP- @BUMPED-OFFLINE (2-2)

    He doesnt have enough games played yet but unless his availability is terrible I dont see why he wouldnt be getting 4 games a week for remainder of the season. 26.5 PPG 7.5 APG 3 SPG. He has I assume some sort of PG as hes tearing it up at PG past 2 games but also is great on his lock

    :team254:Charlotte Hornets:team254:

    Stud - @MrSellout1834 500k (4-5)

    Again a losing record but avging 17.7 PPG 3.1 RBG 3 APG 3.2 SPG hes stuffing the stat sheet at minimum salary

    Dud - @Devil_Clutch1 5.25 M (7-7)

    I dont think Devils is a bad player at all... I just dont see his worth at 5M+ . Averaging 13.7 PPG 9.5 APG 2 SPG but shooting under 50% from the field. I just feel to be a great PG in this league you need to be doing more.. especially at that price.

    Current MVP- Toss up between @I--Cross--I and @Furix24

    Cross (10-4) - 25.1 PPG 5.4 APG 2.9 SPG 64.5% FG
    Furi (9-5) - 18.7 PPG 2.9 RBG 4.5 APG 5.7 SPG 67.3 FG%

    Its really depends of you prefer offense or defense... cross is obviously the scorer... and furi's bulk of points are on the fast break and is only shooting 14% from 3. But 5.7 SPG is rediculous.

    :team81:Chicago Bulls:team81:

    Stud- @buckybear88 500k (6-2)

    24.1 PPG 2.4 APG 1.3 SPG . Not the craziest of stat lines but dude is just winning games... and doing what is asked of him. Which is pretty hard to find at 500k

    Dud - @Coast3113 4.75 M (11-4)

    Now I know you're wondering why I'm putting someone who is 11-4 as a dud. I've played against coast a couple times now and he definitely is a good role player. He doesnt ask for the ball and he just wants to win... I would love him on my team. But at 4.75 M people arent looking for a role player. Hes averaging 4.7 PPG 8.3 RBG 4.8 APG 1.1 SPG 1.1 BPG on the season which actually isnt bad just not 4.75 M worth.. not to mention he had a massive game inflating his stats a bit in a 55 point blowout of Miami registering a triple double.

    Current MVP - @Kingdeydey_ (10-5)

    Hes their main PG and is playing like it. 26.1 PPG 6.7 APG 1.9 SPG 69% FG.

    There isnt much else to say.

    :team82:Cleveland Cavaliers:team82:

    I'm not going to waste time trying to decipher stats for this team. I feel bad for those on this roster but proud that they are sticking it out to the end kudos. Management here has been terrible so I guess they would be the contract duds and havent even attempted to remedy their situation.

    :team84:Denver Nuggets:team84:

    Another team struggling mightily. So once again cant really decipher stats.. but I will say it doesnt seem the situation in Denver is nearly as bad.

    :team87:Houston Rockets:team87:

    This team another team that I cant speak much of.. but for a completely different reason. Their previous owner left this team in shambles.. intentionally trading his players away for inactives until he ultimately quit/ banned. Kudos to the new management stepping up and trying to get thru the season.

    :team90:Los Angeles Lakers:team90:

    I dont think the Lakers have any stud or dud contracts honestly. They are a VERY well built team and their record proves it. Probably the most balanced team when it comes to salary vs production. Great job this season so far LAL management.

    Current MVP - @DaGoatRod (10-0)

    I havent played against him but everyone that has states hes 1 of the best C's in the league and it stats prove it. 14 PPG 18.8 RBG 4.1 APG 1.7 SPG 1.3 BPG and almost 70% from the field.

    :team91:Memphis Grizzlies:team91:

    Another team I cant really do a write up for and again for completely different reason as the other teams. Memphis realized they were in trouble with the roster they had... so they did almost a complete roster dump and traded for RAs to fill out their roster (1 too many) and since then they have turned their season around. Itll be hard for them to make playoffs but they sure are trying.

    :team92:Miami Heat:team92:

    This is getting old already. I'm impressed by this team they've been thru the ringer. Their first owner quit right after bidding essentially (after he missed 1st day of bidding). Then the league made a boneheaded move and gave Jbone (pun intended) the reigns. He turned around and quit on them too. So they are onto their third owner in as many weeks. Kudos to datboy for stepping up and attempting to finish out the season.

    :team97:New York Knicks:team97:

    Stud - No real great contract that stands out

    Dud- Again no real dud contract either I would of gave it to scholz normally at 5M. However he is in the midst of making an actual PG and try to help New York get thru the rest of the season.

    Current MVP- @HaadDaGr8_ (4-4)

    I've said it before... I honestly believe haad is a better PG than I am. My stats are currently better but haad's are nothing to scoff at.
    29.1 PPG 8.6 APG 4.8 SPG

    :team373:Oklahoma Thunder:team373:

    Stud - @Royaltyx860 500k (10-3)

    This guy is the prototype of role player. He is playing 2nd string PG for 2 games... and also filling in on the mainline as a lock. I dont think he has played much PG but he is only getting better.

    Dud- @MpLs Anderson 6.75 M (10-5)

    This will be the last time I call MPLS a dud. He is a great player just a bad contract. That being said he has made a new build to become a primary lock here on out... and that makes his contract more reasonable.

    Current MVP- this is a toss up between OKC management which is a great issue to have.

    @THEKIDDKEL is OKC main PG and he is a good one (only going to get better when his new build is done.) @SayTito99 is in my opinion one of the best Cs offensively and defensively in this league. Much of what he does, will not come up on the box sheet but he would be my #1 C I would draft on my team.

    :team99:Philadelphia 76ers:team99:

    Stud- @Yahboiaa 500k (6-3)

    How nobody knew of him going into bidding is beyond me. 24 PPG 8 APG 2.6 SPG just stellar PG #s.

    Dud- Now I assume everyone thinks I would just put lowry on here for our mutual disdain for each other. And I very much want to...he has proved hes not worth 3.5 M however for this installment I'll have to give it to

    @Akonvict21 3.5 M (7-8)

    Akon is not a bad player... however his best role is that of a role player. I wont bother posting stats... they are underwhelming for 3.5M but he isnt Phildelphia's biggest problem atm.

    Current MVP - Yaboii (see stud)

    :team100:Phoenix Suns:team100:

    Stud - He only played 2 games but @BOHIO-_- 2M (2-0) proved his worth. He is by far the best player in the league and hopefully we will get to see him the 2KL this coming season.

    Dud- @JJJACKSON 5M (9-5)

    Very much like what I said for Akonvict on the 76ers. He is a good player... but a role player. And using 1/3 of your cap on 1 role player is questionable.

    Current MVP - Much like OKC it's a toss up between @Jlm1410 and @Navyynick . PG and C great duo. Both are putting up great stats as well. I feel like by the end it will be BOHIO here as well but just not enough games yet.

    :team101:Portland Trail Blazers:team101:

    Like many other teams I cant really say anything about this team. They have made trades to try and get better doesnt seem to be working. However cause of those trades lots of people are new to the team so cant really decipher a Stud of Dud. As for MVP I cant really speak to that either... as nobody is doing anything better than anyone else on the roster... very mediocre.

    :team103:San Antonio Spurs:team103:

    Stud- @Ynw_belly17 500K (11-4)

    His stat line isnt anything spectacular. However he has the best winning % on a solid playoff team so that's saying something.

    Dud- I dont think they really have a dud contract on this roster...maybe kenraq looking at stats however like Belly he has the 2nd highest win% on the roster.

    Current MVP- @NOVA_Balla856 (6-3) I believe their owner on my stream one day stated nova was better than me and was proving it statically too which isn't the case in either situation in my opinion. That being said though he is having a solid year with 20.6 PPG 8.2 APG I actually think their other PG Otf_lefty might give him a run in the end for #1 pg on the roster we will wait and see i guess. Should be a good healthy competition between the 2 of them.

    :team105:Toronto Raptors:team105:

    Disclaimer: I play on this roster and no matter what I say people will think I'm biased... however I like to think I have proved time in and time again that I try and keep it leveled.

    Stud- @SHABBAA911 500k (11-2)

    Shabba is a great role player didnt know him before I started playing with Tdot. His 1 knock his inability to grind badges he has 2 builds he uses (whatever the team wants) but neither of them have their badges and it gets frustrating at times lol... but he is a good defender and has high shot IQ you cant ask for much else at 500k.

    Dud- @L1AR_x 3.75 M (12-2)

    Pains me to put him here. This is the Center for my line. He is a good player and only getting better at C (he was playing the 4 and has never really ran C). But someone has to be put here and he is the highest contract on the roster and doesnt have much for stats... but I've said it before stats dont tell the whole story.

    Current MVP- Now I'm going to throw everyone for a loop here... and again everyone knows me I speak honestly. Everyone thinks I'll put myself or stay but I'm not going to do either.

    @Bigshots_ATR (13-3)

    Now here me out.. yes me and stay are both averaging more ppg apg and spg then him. However he has a higher 3PT shooting % than either 1 of us. Not to mention that comes as he is the ultimate bail out. He plays mainly on stay's line and when stay is in trouble it goes to bigshots and he makes something happen. When bigshots has filled in on my line in a completely different offense hes fit in right at home... he just wants to win. And on most other teams he would be the 2nd PG if not the Starter. Pure class from a guy I never knew until this season.
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    I guess this needs to be said as there was confusion as to why players were listed as duds.

    The studs and duds aspect is exactly like the previous one. I take a look at a players contract and base it off how much of teams salary that player is taking up. Now what a player went for in bidding is no fault of the player it is the fault of the owner.

    That being said if you make over $5M and the cap is $15M if you arent doing something special I would most likely label you as a dud.

    Take myself for example. If my contract was 7M (highest paid PG in league atm). There is literally nothing I could do to ever be labelled as a "Stud" because I would be taking up nearly half my teams salary so what I am currently doing would be expected of me. Also at $7M as soon as I lose a game this season I would automatically be considered in the Dud conversation because why would you be paying a guy that much if he cant win every night not to mention not playing max games
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    I have the best winning pct for the spurs just throwing that out there and more games play
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    How is Josh not a bargain at 500k?
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