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    Hey Guys, I write this post with a heavy heart. A day that I never really thought would come has finally arrived. I have been playing Madden since the early days of this video game’s long history, including the very first Madden ever made, I have played on just about every console it was ever on from Super Nintendos to the current Xbox One and PS4.

    The time has come for me to put down my Madden controller at the age of 42(I’ll be 43 next month). It sounds a bit corny but if you have played this game as long as I have, it really seems like a loss. I have been playing in online franchises since the internet’s first ever arrival. I just can’t do it anymore. My kids, family and work has made being in the franchise more like a chore. I have always tried to compete and be a playoff caliber opponent and with my competitive drive, being good matters. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time or drive to keep up with this game anymore, and that’s something I thought would never happen. Just scheduling and turning on the game twice a week to play online has been tough and sometimes dreadful to me. I just can’t play this game enough to really enjoy it anymore.

    This has nothing to do with this league or its members. We have in my opinion, one of the most successful franchises ever in the history of online video gaming. And for that I want to express my deepest gratitude to Nile Yohay and Terrell Sanders for making this league work for so long. Nile, I hope you can continue your drive and passion to run this league for a few more decades. Bring in this league has been a big part of my gaming life. When your wife and kids know that you have a league game and clear the room because they know how intense you are while playing, it’s serious. I hope one day to pass the controller on to my daughters or son. Out of four, one HAS to be a Madden player!!!

    You will still see me online, maybe playing a madden game or something else, probably NBA2K or The Show on the PS4, for I’m not giving up on video games yet. I hope that day never comes because I’m a gamer until I die!!! I wish you all success in this franchise and keep making this franchise the best online league one the Xbox One and whatever the next generation consoles will be.

    - Ron aka BxGngsta
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