NASCAR Heat 2 League Forming!!

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    Hello everyone, I'm posting here so I don't get in the way of other leagues on the site beside that I have decided to run a NH2 League this year.

    We plan on running all three series that would most likely go off at different times and we would advertise the xfinity series being the quickest races out of the three series in this league as the race distances for each series are ...

    Cup Series: 25% w/Stages and Manual Cautions no AI added
    Xfinity Series: 25% w/Stages and Manual Cautions no AI added
    Truck Series: 50% w/Stages and Manual Cautions no AI added

    Truck is 50% due to the amount of laps you would run at 25% in that series which would make for a very quick race. An example is going to Texas with Cup Series =84 Laps; Xfinity =50 Laps; and Truck would be lower than the xfinity series but with that bumped up to 50% its 84 Laps which gives people enough time to run each track.

    However, we currently have one small area we need covered and that is for a couple staff members for the Cup Series. Most of our league is already set up for the bottom two series to begin work as far as staff members are concerned but we would like to see 1 or 2 guys to fill that void at the Cup level when the league gets started. *If interested please send a PM through this site not on this post.

    Other than that we are in the process of drafting this league together to begin running in October of this year! If you are interested in racing in this league you can also let us know so we can contact you when things get started. Thanks for everyone's time.