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Discussion in 'LG World Cup' started by l SaIty I, May 2, 2020.

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    I've gotten several messages in regards to ownership. We will be posting a thread on this forum at some point on Monday for those of you interested in running teams.

    Please note the following**

    1. Owning a team has the same responsibilities as any other league.Management will consist of Owner, GM & AGM.

    2. Management will consist of Owner, GM & AGM.

    3. Please have at least a GM confirmed BEFORE applying. If you apply and dont have at least a GM chosen you will not be considered. Also, possibly having someone and will get someone are not sufficient answers. No management no consideration. I'm trying to have this run as smooth as possible without delay.

    4. Im not sure what the thread will look like but in case please make sure to reference which team you are applying for.
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