New Owners: How To Run a LGRL Team

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    New Owners,

    In an attempt to help new owners get acclimated to running a team, we have put together a brief guide on some good practices in organizing, managing and leading your team to compete in LGRL.

    1) Register for Season 3 and post in the "LGRL Season 3 Management Applications" thread indicating that you are interested in running a team.

    2) If assigned ownership of a team, search out 1-2 friends to help run it with you. Also, Read and understand the rules. If you have a question, ask the community or league.

    3) Hold scouting pickup games via the website so that you can scout other players that are registered for the upcoming season. Give people a couple day's notice and do not miss your own scouting game.

    4) Obtain a list of all you players that are signed up for the league and create your list of players you want to go after. This part is no different than drafting your fantasy football / hockey teams. The more you scout, the more you will know about your players.

    5) On draft day, pay attention and be smart about your money. You do not want to spend your entire salary cap on one player. Spread out the money and understand that the players you are going after may have other teams interested as well. Pick your battles and spend your money wisely.

    6) When you have won a player, send them a message via the league gaming website and welcome to them to the team. In addition, try to get their e-mail address or phone number so you can add them to your team chat app (Groupme, WhatsApp, etc).

    7) When your entire team is drafted, send a message to the team welcoming everyone together and try to set up a team scrimmage so everyone can meet and get each other on their friends list.

    8) Your team's first game is scheduled for next Monday. Request that your team sign up on the website for EVERY game slot that they are available by Sunday at 12:00 PM.

    9) Act like a boss and create / experiment with different combinations of players and set your lines on the website for the week on Sunday by 8:00 PM. Try to balance out playing time so everyone is playing roughly the same number of games. This is important for maintaining interest from your entire team throughout the season. Obtain the input of your GM and your AGM when creating these lines.

    10) Have a sub available if someone unexpectedly can not make a game.

    11) Send out a reminder message to all of your players the morning of each game day with the times you are playing.

    12) Create or join the game lobby using the proper naming convention and relay that info to your team and the opposing team.

    11) Be a Baller and play the game.

    12) Split the game stat recording duties between you Owner, GM and AGM. It takes 3.5 minutes to record stats. It is easiest if you do it while waiting on your next game or immediately after your games.

    15) Have fun and enjoy making some new friends.

    16) Don't be a dick to your players or the other owners. It will not take you far...

    17) Conquer the world...

    I am sure I am missing a few things so I encourage other owners to add to this based on their experience. Please make any comments productive and to the point. I hate it when people write a 17 point essay response :)
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    18) Dont draft Dali cause he's poopoo
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