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    Thank you for signing up and welcome to Season 26!
    (If you are new to the league/site, please continue to read)​

    Just signed up, what now?
    First things first, you need to understand how the league works and runs. This is probably the best "rules" section to read. It has a ton of info all at once but it definitely will give you a good understanding how the league structure works

    The rest of the rules can be found here (you must be in one of the three (NHL/AHL/CHL) league forums to see the below picture). If you have the time, read through this completely. It explains every facet of the league (You should read it all at some point):

    I suggest reading the Article IV The Rule Book very soon too. (Section 3 has in game rules and Section 4 has player rules):

    Here is where all the rules and other league announcements will be:

    Playing in the league:
    Don't expect to be in the NHL right away. Lots of people have taken a handful of seasons before they eventually got to the Show. If we are in the offseason, play some scouting games (AHL or CHL). Those can be found under the chat box. Tab is called LG-Pick Up Games. If you do well enough, you might get drafted or picked up in bidding and put onto a team. Don't worry, this isn’t your only shot, you will be randomly assigned after the bidding/drafts and might get a chance to play as an ECU (Emergency Call Up).

    Trying to find 6s to play with now:
    There are some trolls and people that like to mess with members on this site (welcome to the internet). However, there are also tons of great people that are willing to help you out. After you visit a few times, you will start to see who is who. The main chat box is technically the Xbox One LGHL - NHL chat box. Also, your best bet to find people to play with is to check the AHL or CHL forums of the PS leagues, which are at the top for easy navigating. They have their own chat box there as well.

    Important dates for season 26:
    NHL Bidding: Jan 29th
    AHL Bidding: Feb 2nd
    CHL Bidding: Feb 6th

    Opening night: Feb 12th
    Finals Week: May 7th

    If we are past the start date for CHL Bidding, please see this thread:

    Did you know?
    Leaguegaming has its own app! It is awesome for people wanting to check out the website, signup for games, chat, etc. while on the road or not at home. Here is the link for each platform:


    Again, thanks for joining and welcome to the LGHL!