New Players Guide: What Happen When I Sign Up MidSeason?

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    Welcome to and more specifically the LGCHL! As a brand new player signing up midseason, you are only eligible for the CHL. Below is a ton of info to help guide you along the way as a brand new player!

    As a new player, this website can be overwhelming when you first jump on. Therefore I want to take a moment to give you some tips for when you first get placed on a team.

    #1 Knowing Where Your Locker Room Is!

    During the season, when a new player signs up they are automatically assigned to a LGCHL team. Once on a roster, you are given access to; sign up for games and chat with your team mates.


    Below the CHL chat box you will see in GREEN, schedule. By clicking on schedule, you are given an opportunity to sign up for games that your team plays each week!


    Just below the chat box on the right hand side of the screen you will see your CHL team's logo, which is actually access to your team's locker room.


    Once in your locker room, you get to see your team's roster(your Managers are listed first) and below it is also your team's personal chat.

    All these features are given to you as soon as you sign up and are randomly assigned to a CHL team's roster.

    What I do suggest is for you to be active! Even though you are a TC player, sign up for games, chat in the team chat. This is your way to meet some new players and also be available if and when your team needs you!

    #2 Understanding your Role as a Training Camp Player

    When you sign up late for the season you end up being randomly assigned to a CHL roster. The major concern with signing up late is you place limitations on yourself as a player!

    Each week there are only 9 games your team plays! Out of those nine games, every skater can only play a maximum of three times. That in a nutshell has all games filled for the week!

    That being said, that doesn't always mean a training camp player can't play! The man purpose of having a training camp, is to allow relief in situations where a full time roster player can't make a game last minute! Hence why I stated above how important it is for you, as a TC player, to sign up for weekly games in your locker room.

    A lot teams play club together as well. That is an excellent opportunity for a TC player showcase their skills and potentially bump a player out of their full time role.

    Also, the season is long and sometimes players can not fulfill their commitment which leads to an opening on an active roster. Those full time spots at times can be filled by TC players! Therefore dedicated players whom play hard, and show up when needed will more than likely get the first crack at being called up full time.

    Full Time Roster


    Example of a Training Camp Roster


    Check out this post from last season, also explaining how to get off your Training Camp!

    Tip #3 Stay Active!!

    Being a late sign, or training camp player can be a let down. But there are PLENTY of ways for you to remain active on the website! There is a ton of media produced each and every week in the CHL forums! Therefore join in on the fun and contribute in anyway you can!

    Also, the LG Development Committee has been put together to offer recorded playing time to help training camp players show case their skills!!

    If you have interest in joining some Development Games, check out this post by our Committee leader @Development Dad

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