New Rule Change Starting Tonight

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    Do to the overwhelming number of incorrect, incomplete, and lack of stats being taken for games, the League's staff has determined starting tonight and moving forward any game that DOES NOT have correct stats, and pictures 24 hours after the game is completed will result in a 0-0 game.

    What does this mean for the players?

    As a player you have a certain level of responsibility. Each of you are required to maintain your own LG profile and ensure your "Skater" name is fill in and kept up today. Failure to so results in our OCR stats system to have issues picking up your stats in a game.

    Also to a certain degree, players maybe required to take pictures after a win. Our managers can not be in every single game played, therefore teams have to rely on their players for assistance.

    If games result in 0-0 scores, not only does the team not get a win, but the players do not get any stats.

    What does this mean for the managers?

    As a manager you have stepped up to be a Leader and I expect you to ensure you players are all educated on our stat system to ensure we do no have to have games reset to a 0-0 score.


    How To Do Stats?

    Hello, we have a new system where people can upload the 6 needed photos to twitter, and then LG has an OCR system that will download the images, read the stats from the images and do stats for you.
    Steps - From inside your Playstation 4
    1. Make sure you have connected your ps4 account to any twitter account. (more info will be added on this)
    2. Goto the 6 needed images (examples below), and click the share button and share to twitter. Make sure you add this hashtag: #LGHLTeamName. Replace teamname with your teamname. example #LGHLLeafs for the Maple Leafs, #LGHLBlackhawks ect. For the AHL use "LGAHL" and CHL use "LGCHL". The hashtag is important is its what we will search for.
    Steps - From on LG
    • Goto the LGHL PSN Forum
    • Click My LG > Input Score > Select Game
    • Follow the instructions in this video

    This new system means you do not have to use phone photos, and this should get stat results very close to perfect. We require everyone to keep their player name updated, and there is a risk of the OCR matching up "False positives" on names that might be common (like anyone using Smith or Roberts). I recommend to all the players to make their player name something very uncommon and longer then 5 characters (for best results)
    Example of the 6 images
    12/28 Edit - Please do not take images like this, This will break the OCR as we resize and crop these images specifically, and the border on the right will break the OCR.
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