New Rule for NHL/AHL Call-ups

Discussion in 'EA NHL Series' started by Ruthless937, Jan 3, 2018.

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    i have heard many complaints about the Nhl and the AHL calling up players right before the CHL and AHL game time and screwing some teams by forcing them to scramble to get a player to play. i have decided to post this thread to open discussion on how we could improve this system and implement a rule to fix these issues. Feel free to comment on what you feel the best course of action is.

    My suggestion is that there be a window between Thurs or Weds at midnight for the respective leagues til Sunday at noon for all call ups to be issued. The call ups in this window cannot be denied by the respective teams who own that player. AHL and Nhl teams could also Call up Between Sun-weds or thurs if they so desire but the team who owns them should be able to deny the Call up if it interferes with the team scheduling. The Gm and Owner should be the only ones authorized to make a Call up or deny a Call up as to preserve the Chain of Command. Thoughts on this new rule?
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