NHL 17 Group Match Making Private System

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    Hello, this thread is to explain the new "Private Matchmaking ID" EA has added to NHL 17. The goal here is to make an private number that 2 teams can use to match up vs each other. Only players in the game will be able to see this number.

    (instructions here on how to send an invite in game)


    This new 6 digit code is generated by 3 sets of numbers to make it unique.
    An example of a number is 84 08 40, The numbers come from

    • The 2 digit LG League ID. This is the ID for the league in the LG Database, example LGHL = 37, CHL = 39, LGHL PSN AHL=68.
    • The Team Index of the home team. We get this number by sorting the standings by team name, if you are the Winnipeg Jets you are 30.
    • The game number in the season. IE games 1-82 (for most NHL leagues)
    We display the number with a space to help you remember it, when you enter the number of course, remove all spaces.


    Update is live as of now, here is a quick video of how to set up the pin system:

    By LG McDonald

    "From the EASHL Club Menu, go to "Play Drop In"

    "Next step would be Group Matchmaking"

    "Once the team captain selections his or her position, the PIN can be entered by selecting the "Y" button"

    Those of you not familiar from the group match making screen, you can invite your party to the game session OR have your players join off your name"

    UPDATE DEC 5th/2016

    Updated PIN System Info:
    • The system will match based off of Competitive rating(CR) for the first 60 seconds of searching.
    • After 60 seconds the CR filter will loosen up, and allow for easier match ups.
    • After 120 seconds, the search will time out thereby not allow two teams to match up.
    • Home and Away teams are selected randomly
    • Servers are the exact same for EASHL, EASHL Club Challenge, and Drop-In games.
    • A Western Host team, and a Europe Host team will be unable to match up with this system
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