NHL 18 ESHL Event #1 PS4

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    Buy-ins will be due Monday October 16th at 11:59 PM EST

    SEASON START DATE Tuesday October 17th at 9:00 PM EST

    Rosters have been locked and we managed to put together enough teams for an event. We will run this event and reconvene at the end to decide what we should do moving forward. This post contains information regarding our plan moving forward and the target buy-in and start date.


    PS4 will have one division. Every team will play every team and the top 8 teams will make the playoffs.

    BUY-IN - $200 + $50 (Please use the Invite Buy-in on the PSN ESHL Page)

    Buy-ins will be due Monday October 16th at 11:59 PM EST


    The start date of the event will be Tuesday October 17th and follow the following format for times. DUE TO PS4 STARTING AHEAD OF XBOX, WE WILL MAKE SURE TO SYNC UP THE TIMES ONCE XBOX STARTS:


    With the lack of teams, the prizing format has been changed. I will update this after we receive the official buy-ins.


    The future of the PS4 ESHL is lies in the community's hands. If the league does not grow in its current state we will most likely see a switch to a single console for ESHL. If that happens, we'd encourage teams to switch over and enjoy the large pool of competition on the other console. I would not want PS4 to be without a club competition, so after this event I will collect up some of the PS4 ESHL owners and we'll talk about what we want to do.

    There are already some concepts in the work outside of the current one. We could also just continue playing with 1 division, but I do not see it supporting itself for very long. Again, we will continue with the current event and talk about what to do after it's completed.

    Good luck everyone.​
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