PSN NHL-AHL-CHL Summer Season Timelines

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    Off-season Week 0 – Sunday, May 10th - Saturday, May 16
    • NHL Owner league offers are submitted and owners are given tools. Owners can begin their mgmt selection and player contract opt-outs (roster drops)
      • Players NEED to be approved by Staff prior to being sent an offer to manage.
        [Handled in the Management forums]
      • Players NEED to be signed up for the season in order to accept a management offer in our system
      • The entire organization is allowed up to FIVE roster-contract drops. Please post in the thread below
        [Handled in the Management forums]

    • At the same time, the Retirement window opens for all players, the Constitutional Review Period begins, and Seasonal ID flips (May 18th)
      • Free-agent players who retire are eligible to un-retire ANYTIME during the season as long as the sign-up window is open
      • Player's who are under contract for this season and retire can ONLY UNRETIRE prior to the retirement deadline of 17:00 ET on May 21st. After the deadline, those players will not be eligible to return to the league until the following season.

    • On Thurs May 14: The Resign Period begins at 00:00 ET (92-hour window)
      • You can only resign TWO players on your roster (each league)
      • Players won in NHL bidding cannot be resigned in the AHL
      • Randomly assigned players cannot be resigned
      • You cannot trade for someone and then resign them
        [Handled in the Management forums]

    • The Constitutional Review Period begins.
    Off-season Week 1 – Sunday, May 17 thru Saturday, May 23
    • On Sun May 17: The Resign Period approval ends at 20:00 ET
    • On Mon May 18: The Resign Period offers/accept ends at 09:00 ET
    • On Mon May 18: @Tris10 dumps past season rosters keeping only players under contract for the current season. (by 12:00 ET)
    • On Mon May 18: The trade window opens (3-day window) at 17:00 ET (or after roster dumps)
    • On Tues May 19: Roster-Contract Drops close (17:00 ET)
    • On Thurs May 21: The retirement window closes at 17:00 ET
    • On Thurs May 21: The trade window closes at 18:00 ET
    • On Thurs May 21: NHL Entry Draft at 20:00 ET
    • On Fri May 22: NHL Entry Draft contracts are issued
    • On Fri May 22: The trade window re-opens (48-hour window)
    • On Fri May 22: The Off-season transfer window opens, only DPs may be sent down to the AHL or CHL

    Off-season Week 2 + 3 – Sunday, May 24 thru Saturday, Jun 06
    • On Sun May 24: The trade window and off-season transfer window close at 18:00 ET
    • On Sun May 24: NHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Wed May 27 (72-hour window)
    • On Thurs May 28: AHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Sun May 31 (72-hour window)
    • On Mon Jun 01: CHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Thurs Jun 04 (72-hour window)
    • Trade windows will open for each league once the contracts have been issued and accepted by the players. Until then, the trade window will be closed. The BOGs will determine a proper date for this. Trades involving NHL & AHL must have contracts issued on both ends.
    Opening Night - Sunday, Jun 07
    • Opening night of LG Season.
    • NHL and AHL Season will run from June 7th, until August 5th
    • CHL Season will run from June 7th, until July 29th
    • Trade deadline July 19th
    • Waiver deadline [NHL/AHL] July 19th
    • Deadline to use an official trade request July 12th
    • CHL waiver deadline July 26th.
    • NHL and AHL Playoffs run from August 9th until September 2nd
    • CHL Playoffs run from August 2nd until August 26th
    • CHL Memorial Cup will run from August 30th until September 2nd
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