HeadLine No Thumbs LGHL Podcast #1-3

Catch up on everything you might have missed!

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    No Thumbs LGHL Podcast #1-3 - Catch up on everything you might have missed!.


    Hello everyone!

    No Thumbs is officially doing LGHL Podcasts on the weekly! The support has been great from all the new LGHL followers!

    @GrizGoal has come on as the full time co-host of the show. He has done an excellent job bringing the heat every episode as we all know the man is an encyclopedia when it comes to this stuff!

    We've had excellent guests over the past three weeks including:

    @Burnsy x 95 EP1 - Tier List Show

    @DDW-_- EP2- Weekly Recap

    @Twistafied EP3 - Weekly Recap

    You can find us LIVE on Twitch every week (Usually Fridays). I will post the schedule every week in the forums!

    All past broadcasts will be archived on my Twitch page. I DO NOT do weekly uploads, but I have decided to upload the first 3 episodes of the Podcast to give ya'll a taste of what we bring!

    EP1 - Tier List Show ft. @Burnsy x 95 (Aired November 13th)

    Show Starts @ 8:19

    EP2 - Weekly Recap ft. @Devin (Aired November 18th)

    Show Starts @ 7:33

    EP3 - Weekly Recap ft. @Twistafied (Aired December 4th)

    Show Starts @ 6:11

    I will ONLY upload videos toYouTube for special event shows (Tier List, Season Preview, Playoff Preview, ETC)

    Follow me on Twitch to be notified when I go live!


    NOTE: All streams are archived for 2 weeks!
    I post my schedule weekly on Twitter as well! Follow to stay up to date!


    Join the No Thumbs Discord to stay up to date with all things related to the show!


    NOTE: If you have any constructive criticism, join the discord and let me know! I am looking to always improve and I am completely aware that I do not know everything! Also, looking for future guests!
    Hope to see ya'll tune in the next show!

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