Please VOTE! Odds to Win the Stanley Cup S40 (Draftkings)

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Who will win the Stanley Cup S40

  1. CAR +200 (2/1)

    14 vote(s)
  2. COL +300 (3/1)

    9 vote(s)
  3. OTT +400 (4/1)

    8 vote(s)
  4. SJ +500 (5/1)

    13 vote(s)
  5. CGY +600 (6/1)

    8 vote(s)
  6. TOR +1000 (10/1)

    2 vote(s)
  7. TBL +1000 (10/1)

    3 vote(s)
  8. LAK +1000 (10/1)

    6 vote(s)
  9. CHI +1200 (12/1)

    2 vote(s)
  10. WPG +1200 (12/1)

    10 vote(s)
  11. NYR +1400 (14/1)

    3 vote(s)
  12. MINN +1400 (14/1)

    4 vote(s)
  13. PHI +1600 (16/1)

    9 vote(s)
  14. WASH +1800 (18/1)

    1 vote(s)
  15. EDM +2000 (20/1)

    9 vote(s)
  16. DET +2000 (20/1)

    7 vote(s)
  17. ANA +2500 (25/1)

    0 vote(s)
  18. CBJ +3000 (30/1)

    3 vote(s)
  19. VAN +3500 (35/1)

    7 vote(s)
  20. BOS +3500 (35/1)

    7 vote(s)
  21. BUF +4000 (40/1)

    5 vote(s)
  22. STL +4000 (40/1)

    3 vote(s)
  23. SEA +4500 (45/1)

    4 vote(s)
  24. NJ +5500 (55/1)

    3 vote(s)
  25. PIT +6000 (60/1)

    3 vote(s)
  26. FLA +6500 (65/1)

    2 vote(s)
  27. ARZ +7000 (70/1)

    5 vote(s)
  28. DAL +8000 (80/1)

    3 vote(s)
  29. NSH +15000 (150/1)

    1 vote(s)
  30. VGK +20000 (200/1), MTL +50000 (500/1), NYI +100000 (1000/1)

    14 vote(s)
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    Hello, sorry for the delay I've been swamped. I wanted to throw some media out since it's been lacking. I feel this season may be as competitive as we have had in awhile. There are a lot of solid looking teams that could make a run.

    Here are the preseason odds to win the Stanley Cup.


    X Factor: Team success will largely be due to this player
    Breakout Player: Most likely to take a leap and breakout on the scene
    MVP: Projected most valuable player

    Best Contract: Best contract on the team


    Odds to Win the Stanley Cup S40

    :team74: Carolina Hurricanes +200 (2/1 Odds)

    @Burnsy x 95 makes his return to LG after his 15 million dollar payday. He brings in reigning cup champ @LemeIin to help build his squad. Looking at the team, its about as good at it gets on offense. They practically have two 1st lines with @l Doughty l jumping up to LW to man his line. @McLxvinn & @KingClutch x 77 being their other top forwards. The depth is just really good, they got steals in @INbdkarmal (1 mil), @Badbradguy5 (1.5 mil) & @BarzyTTV who makes his jump from the A after a dominant season down on GRG.

    Defensively, they are strong at the top. @Boarne always seems to find himself on cup contenders and is as rock solid as they come. @vSceebzx is one of the best defensive contract in bidding, he comes from the 3s world but is nasty. We will see how bottom pair @xfdmx kill @RackEmWilly- do as they make the jump up from the AHL. Kill has been on good AHL teams for awhile but took the year off, @RackEmWilly- gets his chance as he's had a few good AHL seasons on D.

    Ice's goalie @Pavsy73 is the starter and he has always been consistently good in esports. I'm sure it will be no different here.

    X Factor: @Pavsy73
    Breakout Player: @vSceebzx
    MVP: @Burnsy x 95
    Best Contract: @KingClutch x 77 - 4 mil

    :team8: Colorado Avalanche +300 (3/1 Odds)

    Entourage's @Hxndry & @x Fisher 81 built another strong squad. They bring in their guy @NYR95 who is an excellent LW and @Hullzzyy who is an outstanding winger. @Kuchhh (3 mil) & @Bureee (750k) get very good deals. The forward core overall is very solid. It will be interesting to see how the 3rd line does as @Broessler gets another shot in the N after a stint in the A.

    Defensively is where this team shines actually, @dangles x 13 gets his payday and is on the the top LD in LG imo and @xTarasenko91 for only 3.25 mil is awesome. Their depth is pretty good too with @EbonyFetishz, HUT star @Henreek & long time veteran @Rimmr who makes a his return after a few seasons off.

    BBB's @Perrilyzer1 is their guy in the net, he will be one of the best goalies in the league and that solidifies them as a true contender.

    X Factor: @Hullzzyy
    Breakout Player: @Kuchhh
    MVP: @Hxndry
    Best Contract: @xTarasenko91 - 3.25 mil

    :team20: Ottawa Senators +400 (4/1 Odds)

    @JusDePomme_aha (Rocket) & @Gabseh come in and take over the Sens, they built an excellent forward core on great contracts with the likes of @Sammaae and @Zachjeet. Their top paid forward is @Jxcou_91 and he is an absolute beast. They have a few newer guys making the jump, @AlphaX Fallen makes his way from the CHL after winning a Mem cup and @Rogers l4l comes up from playing on a good baby sens team the season prior.

    The top pair of @EVCrated & @HNZ Prince are going to be dominant, but we will see how their depth plays out. On paper its is a bit weaker, and a few unproven guys will need to step up and have good seasons like @Dats xx who cames back up from a stint in the A and @x Elton z who is a good forward making the switch to D.

    I'm not sure who the starter will be as @Svrxkin jumps up from the CHL and @McFleuryyy who is a top center in the game changing positions to G. I think they may trade for a proven starter and if they do they will be a force.

    X Factor: @Zachjeet
    Breakout Player: @AlphaX Fallen
    MVP: @Gabseh
    Best Contract: @Zachjeet - 3.75 mil

    :team15: San Jose Sharks +500 (5/1 Odds)

    Same old story, SJ with @CaLL Me Jakoo and @Sitful come back and they get their guy @Arctic Blur who will man the LW in arguably the best forward line in the league. I'm sure they will stagger them in the regular season but I do NOT want to see them in a game 7. Their depth is pretty solid too, getting @jojodevil91 and @SJUSoccer9 for league minimum is fantastic. This team did a phenomenal job bidding on good cheap depth pieces.

    Defensively they have a true top pairing in @Vaporize 17 & @Po1andsFinest and some pretty good depth as well with @SMiiRK-_- and @Boevas. We will see how the 3rd pair shakes out as @Darkl79l had a nice bounce back season in the A and @Krvstoffer comes back from a break from PSN.

    Their top goalie will be 3s superstar @cmyyl, this dude is nasty and for a great price of 1 mil. Definitely up there for the top G contract in the league. Their back up @Debrxsk is no slouch either.

    X Factor: @SJUSoccer9
    Breakout Player: @Darkl79l
    MVP: @Sitful
    Best Contract: @SJUSoccer9 - 750k

    :team29: Calgary Flames +600 (6/1 Odds)

    @l Dings l comes back from his hiatus and tries to bring back the old NYR crew. He gets his superstar free contract @Gilleh and brings in @Im 4thLine to help manage. They are one of the better management groups in the league. Dings got all his cheap guys in @Moyrr @Vcek and @Lyons x 63 and all are studs.

    Defensively they have a G7 pair of @G lR ii M x and @Desyd19, but other than that its fairly weaker compared to the teams above. I think they will make some shrew moves that help fortify their back end.

    @Denisov x 42 is their starter but for a hefty price of 3.5 mil. I would have liked to see him in the 2-2.5 range but still he's as reliable as they come. @Herringthefish has always been a good goalie and will be one of the better back ups.

    X Factor: @Im 4thLine
    Breakout Player: @Vcek
    MVP: @G lR ii M x
    Best Contract: @Lyons x 63 - 750k

    :team1: Toronto Maple Leafs +1000 (10/1 Odds)

    @Dangs-89 comes back with HxH teammate @PureRippin and they went and built this team with the intent to score goals. They get their other teammate @JafGaming14 even though they might have paid a bit more than what they have liked. Their PSN line of @Manu l5l, @BoKnows x 88 & @PieR Talent will be one of the best 2nd lines in the league. Not sure if they will bring one of their top 6 down to the 3rd to give them some boost but it looks very good on paper.

    Defensively this team is mixed with a bunch of 2nd/3rd line guys. They might have to move one of their forward pieces to get a G7 guy but as of now they are average or a tad below avg. I would assume @TurboYuri & @Marchand x l63l are their top line pair? Either way it needs to improve to truly contend with the teams above.

    Entourage's goalie @Scheckel29 will be the starter and is a top 3 goalie in the game. He will surely help bail out the defense in front of him. @iCLuTcH x BeasT was a Marlies star before making his way up to the big show.

    X Factor: @TurboYuri
    Breakout Player: @ExtraSauceGames
    MVP: @Scheckel29
    Best Contract: @Manu l5l - 3 mil

    :team21: Tampa Bay Lighting +1000 (10/1 Odds)

    @Nuge leaves Dangs and brings in @KosmicEA who is a very skilled forward. The top line looks like @Fr33kOnTheStix, Kosmic & @Chriz. All three are 1st line caliber players this season. The depth looks pretty solid too, getting @Chrispy8120 for 2.5 mil is pretty solid. @Filip_Zadina had a great bounce back season after a horrible start to his LG career. Look for him to steadily improve throughout the season in a good situation.

    Defense starts with @Odieeeeee as he is the highest paid RD in bidding and rightfully so. I think this is a very nice spot for him. Nuge was able to get some solid deals up front and was able to splurge on one of the best RD in the game. I'm hearing good things about @OlyOlyOxynFree, he played well for Flyguy in Lehigh last season I think he will be one of the better rookie dmen in the league. @x CM 35 x was considered the best d prospect coming in, but since we had no draft he went for a better contract than he would have if there was a draft.

    @l Bousquet l is a good number 1 and @BEAUPRE o is a very capable back up. I think you could do worse here.

    X Factor: @l Bousquet l
    Breakout Player: @OlyOlyOxynFree
    MVP: @Odieeeeee
    Best Contract: @Chriz - 3 mil

    :team76: Los Angeles Kings +1000 (10/1 Odds)

    @Psyycc and @BRIEREx built a pretty good squad. Forward wise they get their usuals in @NT F0X @God Haazy. Their big contract was handed out to @S4KIC and he may be a bit overpaid but that's okay when you have your core and he goes to a good team. @Tricky x 91 continue to improves after coming off a cup win in the previous season. @Remi l9l also makes the switch to forward and he is rewarded by a 2 mil deal. He is a very good forward as well as a dman.

    They have a G7 pair in Psyc and Briere but they got @Pandaleupagus on a great 3.5 mil deal and @I casas 26 l (Knifevet) tried to hide and fall but he was caught. The depth overall is pretty good and one of the better looking d cores in the league.

    @Allz I94I is one of the best goalies in the league and he gets a very fair 2 mil deal.

    X Factor: @Remi l9l
    Breakout Player: @I casas 26 l (Knifevet)
    Best Contract: @NT F0X - 1.5 mil

    :team75: Chicago Blackhawks +1200 (12/1 Odds)

    @ImLxziee- comes back and builds a PSN heavy team, if we were playing on the other console they would be a bit higher. However this team is still very good, @Lombardi1x (Skanoodle) is their top man and he has been a dominant force on PSN for a bit. Eclipse's @stammerchel jumps up to forward and gets a nice 2.75 mil contract. @Stoss x 44 getting league min is excellent, even though he can be toxic, but I think he will be fine on a good team.

    The D core is pretty nice, @Time2Shineee, breakout star @Pure 93, @Kjnger & @x camo 29 one of the best top 6's in the league. Their 3rd line pairing of @CHARAx33z & @GR1ZZI03I aren't too shabby either. Griz was a call up after the Tucson disaster and was solid enough for another shot. Will be interesting to see how that goes.

    Goalies are good with @Skinnasty 53 and @AgnosticClaw388, maybe could try to get a true top tender but they will probably be fine with the dcore in front of them.

    X Factor: @Lombardi1x
    Breakout Player: @Smittyy-91
    MVP: @ImLxziee-
    Best Contract: @Stoss x 44 - 750k

    :team391: Winnipeg Jets +1200 (12/1 Odds)

    @SweetLou9208 and his usual gang of suspects return again but he switches to LD and @Melvin x 94 comes in and they someone get his line for very cheap. @Magundee_Magoo (AG) is one of the best RW in LG and gets another great contract for 3.5 mil. @JJr goes for his usual 4-5 mil but together they will most likely have another 20 win season. @The Gr8 Haxby will probably play with @VI17AIN and they will be solid as well. They also get their usual @ASAP Jiren line with @Gumba l11l and @iCranberryz, they play everyday and have great chem.

    Defensively they are pretty solid, they are missing a top line RD but @DR0C should be ok for now. I expect a trade to upgrade the defense later on but for now they will be ok. @glex and my twin @ChiToWnB3atD0wN have been playing together forever and should be good. @SPlN4DAWlN (tibby) goes to his boys and will probably play with JJ, Slim and AG. Expect a good season from him.

    @I Perkis I is getting hyped up a bit in this game and has looked pretty good according to some people. On paper this goalie tandem is average but if Perkis is as people are saying then you can see a MIP for him.

    X Factor: @SweetLou9208
    Breakout Player: @glex
    MVP: @Melvin x 94
    Best Contract: @Magundee_Magoo - 3.5 mil

    :team12: New York Rangers +1400 (14/1 Odds)

    @JerDubzz comes back to ownership and brings along another top dman in @SamDelisle9. They did very well in bidding in terms to forwards. Picking up @ArchambauIt to be their top center is very good, they also grabbed the best player in bidding in @BoilyHP in which he was an absolute superstar last season. Depth wise this team is solid, @ChelCat08 is an excellent top 6 caliber center for 1 mil. @lVlaT quietly had a breakout season with the blues last season and is going to do even better here.

    Defensively this team is great, obviously you have the game 7 pair with Jer and Sam. But their 2nd par is no slouch @BUFFALO STAR 23 is a very solid get for 1.75 in this bidding where LD was thin and @Kroneez gets a nice contract as well. @TyrantOfSicily has come up through the AHL after making a Calder run with Henderson, I think he is a very capable 3rd line guy.

    The goalies are a hair weaker than the teams above but @Charyzen is still a stud and he will do well with the defense in front. @GoodyWrld came up thru the draft discord and grinds.

    X Factor: @ArchambauIt
    Breakout Player: @The ziz88
    MVP: @SamDelisle9
    Best Contract: @Kroneez - 3.5 mil

    :team30: Minnesota Wild +1400 (14/1 Odds)

    @UnreaIz- becomes owner after being smittys free contract on the blues and he brings along @SkilZzy x92x who is a phenomenal skater. The top line will be great here, but the forward depth is a tad lacking. @Markiiss comes over from winning the Stanley Cup on ps4 last sesaon and goes for 5.5 mil. I think he is as a solid as they come especially for that price. Their center depth is strong here. The wingers are a mix of 2nd/3rd liners outside of @UnreaIz-. Can @Toto I24l, @GrumpyRatbagz, or @lCLuTcH GoDz make the leap to solidify the 2nd line?

    Defensively the did pretty well, @Dups77 for 6.5 on LD is excellent especially in this bidding. @Paradis-7117 is a stud too and they have a true top pairing. The depth is pretty good too with @Yonnnnnnn x 13 and then trading for @SAVAGE I2I after bidding.

    @Joshx16x is a stud in net and he is a true starter in this league, and @Primeauu is a very solid goalie.

    X Factor: @Markiiss
    Breakout Player: @Toto I24l
    MVP: @SkilZzy x92x
    Best Contract: @GrumpyRatbagz - 1 mil

    :team4: Philadelphia Flyers +1600 (16/1 Odds)

    @DDW-_- & @TheHeroicDuck team up and build a very solid squad. Devin gets his guys @Shockz & @CT 66 in which he paid a hefty price for both of them. By doing that his depth suffered a bit. He did get a few nice cheap deals in @Greaseh & @Aqracy, the latter makes his return from the N after getting destroyed on NJ in his first stint. We will see if they are forced to move one of the big guns to open up money for the other lines. I believe last time he had to trade one of them when Devin owned last.

    Defensively they have their top game 7 pair in Duck and @Focus TF. @DADDYRIDESBIKE has had a good season in awhile and @Cavy l53l comes back after a season off. Again, spending all that cash to get your esports line is good, but this is a 3 line league and the depth suffered here as well.

    @I Iginla I looks to be the starter and he is a good goalie no doubt, but i'm not sure if hes a true #1 on a contending team. He will have to prove himself and I think he can.

    Breakout Player: @Aqracy
    MVP: @TheHeroicDuck
    Best Contract: @Greaseh - 750k

    :team14: Washington Capitals +1800 (18/1 Odds)

    @I Parksy x I76I makes his return to take back the Caps after a disappointing season barely missing the loffs previously. Him and his partner @Coreymac27 parted ways and he brings in @IIIIlIIDIII (JoshU) instead to help build his squad. Forward wise they are actually pretty deep, @Class Act 27 will be their star and @N A S T Y x 93 gets a great deal at 3.75 mil to be their top RW. @Martin21C (Dreamkiller) moves up to forward and gets a nice 1.25 mil deal. I think he will excel there as well as @Kovalchukk who also gets a nice deal at RW.

    @IIIIlIIDIII will be their top RD and @l Deeks l makes his return to be their other G7 guy. @Segweeen is a solid player but 5 mil is way too much for a 2nd line guy at best. It's not the worst d core in the world but its pretty average compared to the other contenders. @Nestruck 10 gets another look after a mediocre season but maybe the experience from last season will help this season.

    They paid over a mil for both their goalies, @o S m i i t t y will most likely start but @Winston Payne isn't a slouch either.

    X Factor: @Martin21C
    Breakout Player: @l Sleatz X 19 l
    MVP: @Class Act 27
    Best Contract: @N A S T Y x 93 - 3.75 mil

    :team11: Edmonton Oilers +2000 (20/1 Odds)

    @GeT MuTeDD and @l JLP l take EDM and they built a very solid team. Offensively, the top line of JLP, @Zarvek & @CHUPAPIllII should put up numbers. Their depth is a bit weaker than the teams above but @EvMalkin at 1 mil is a great contract. He put up good numbers last season, albeit on a good line but I still think he is a very skilled player and will do fine again. @l1lxCooPxl9l is another solid player for cheap.

    The defense here is above average. They have their top line in @MxnsteR 95 & @ka2good, @Draisaitl-_- (Joordan) switches back to d for 4 mil but that is about where he should go. @Nvnzo quietly was one of the best rookie dmen in the AHL last season playing for Belleville. I expect him to continue to produce at the NHL level.

    @Th3 l AnD 0n1y will lock down the pipes at 2 mil and has always been a #1 in the league. @Pohloe switches to G from defense and we will see if he can produce. They might have to make a move to solidify the back up spot later on.

    X Factor: @GeT MuTeDD
    Breakout Player: @Nvnzo
    MVP: @l JLP l
    Best Contract: @EvMalkin - 1 mil

    :team10: Detroit Red Wings +2000 (20/1 Odds)

    @Reidxrs finally gets out of the LG doghouse and takes over the wings. He built a very strong team as expected. Forward wise he get his top guys in bidding in @ProMoe CA and @jared2112. Jared enters bidding for the first time in awhile and ended up on a good team which is nice to see. He is one the best centers in LG and usually finds himself deep in the playoffs. I'm interested to see how they will mix and match lines, the third line is pretty weak here but they will most likely make moves to upgrade.

    Defensively @Bitcoin98x (NinetyEight) switches back and gets a good 5 mil contract. I think he is just as good at as he is at forward. He played excellent in PSN on defense. @UniqueSniper135 will take the top RD spot and he has been consistently getting better. The depth here though is a lot to be desired, if @Leniig (Clutch 28) can step up it will improve the team but on paper its just weak.

    @th4 x w4ll is going to be the starter for 3.5 mil and will bail out this team at times and will take over games. @Avatar x TLA makes the jump after winning a Calder at Bridgeport and he was the best goalie in the league during the playoffs.

    X Factor: @Leniig
    Breakout Start: @Avatar x TLA
    MVP: @jared2112
    Best Contract: @Bitcoin98x - 5 mil

    :team31: Anaheim Ducks +2500 (25/1 Odds)

    A lot of people doubted @MURPH0270, but I think he did as good as he could have done with what he had. He brings in @Goostaav and just bid on best available with the money they had. They wound up with @Beaudy x 91 for a sick 3.5 mil contract and @Charmop82 for 4.5 mil is nice too. @Tidan-16 is their top paid player at 6.25 and is a number 1 C in the league. They have some nice depth too in trading for @Koho for 3 mil after bidding and @TimatinQc for 750k.

    Defensively they are about average, @Charly9457 is their #1 dman but they don't really have a G7 RD to pair with him. They are expecting Goos's Homeland teammate to become the #1 dman. He is good no doubt but I see him as a 2nd liner. @cmike17 is a top line PSN LD that they stole on xbox for 2.5 mil.

    Goalies are good and @Vaillancov_IWNL (Assannato) won a cup last time he was in net in LG. They paid for a good back in @Wild Edits but I don't really see the value in paying for a g for 3 games a week.

    X Factor: @MURPH0270
    Breakout Player: @cmike17
    MVP: @Tidan-16
    Best Contract: @cmike17 - 2.5 mil

    :team6: Columbus Blue Jackets +3000 (30/1 Odds)

    @l Ringy l97l and @racc2000 take over the BJ's and tried to stack their offense. Their main man is @Karmuh x 86 who got his pay day at 7.25 mil, and he is actually pretty nasty at this game. @Samyyy 97 was a top prospect on PSN a couple seasons ago and he looks to bring over his success to Xbox. They have a couple of good dmen that switched to forward with @Mxtayer and @Lidstrom o5o. Their 3rd line is actually soild with @Brxndamour and @Charwiener leading the way.

    The defense is pretty weak here with mostly 3rd line guys, that is not a recipe for success this season. They will have to upgrade at some point, there isn't a true G7 pair. I mean @Duber x 10 and @X Mick 14 are considered their top pair according to price.

    Goalies are solid, @Puggeriino gets paid and will be their starter. @McAvxy switches from defense to tendy and is pretty solid, but I think he should have had a season in the A before making the jump to the N in net.

    X Factor: @Lidstrom o5o
    Breakout Player: @Samyyy 97
    MVP: @l Ringy l97l
    Best Contract: @Brxndamour - 750k

    :team17: Vancouver Canucks +3500 (35/1 Odds)

    @AAli x 21 didn't have a GM till right before bidding, people already scratched this team off the list. However, I'm pretty impressed with what he had to work with. He grabbed a true top line with @Twistafied, @Shxrpster and @Jemima, they will win 20 games if they are put together. I'm sure it will be balance out but that is a great start. The PS4 line of @Carlson74x, @PR0D1GY_81 & @Kredy 14 should do ok for a 2nd/3rd line.

    @Hebxr is their man on defense, some say the next Odieee (lol). He is talented though no doubt, and getting @trevwings for 2.5 is a great deal for him. LD is a bit lacking with @Bruins37 being their number #1 LD unless Heber switches sides (most likely).

    Goalies are average, @drally20 is solid but I don't think he is a true top G as he once was. @Rittich x 33 is probably below average in comparison to other teams.

    X Factor: @Hebxr
    Breakout Player: @Carlson74x
    MVP: @Jemima
    Best Contract: @Twistafied - 5 mil

    :team2: Boston Bruins +3500 (35/1 Odds)

    @Miike Scott attempts to bring the V I B E squad and only manages to get his boy @HendrixLapierre (Greggy) who is a solid LW but I think his points may have been inflated in who he played with the last season. @PLP Kenny is on the brink of being a true top line center in this league and continues to be paid like a 2nd line guy. @Letunov is their best player on offense but we will see how long him and his V I B E S last on this team. @PickingCherries (Gilbzey) gets a good deal as well at 1.75 mil. I just don't think there is enough fire power here to truly compete with the big guns in this conference.

    Defense is led by @HooFooXIII, and yes he is a good player no doubt but lets see how he does without AG and Slim on his line. He does have his Overpowered teammates in @Kxv 97 and @PLP Kenny. After Hoofoo there isn't much. @dont_cone_me_bro gets paid and his a good 2nd line calibre LD and @Renfri2319 has been solid in her career.

    @VEXTheStrong is their guy and he just won the cup on PS4. He will be good here imo and their backup @WillWiley20 just won a Calder on Bridgeport.

    X Factor: @PLP Kenny
    Breakout Player: @VEXTheStrong
    MVP: @Letunov
    Best Contract: @PickingCherries - 1.75 mil

    :team18: Buffalo Sabres +4000 (40/1 Odds)

    @Brisan x6 steps up and takes over Buff, he brings in former MVP and Composure legend @:wood: to take the free contract. Forward wise they did fine, @D4D USA comes back and gets a 7 mil bag and he brings in all his boys. They gave @oSparz 5 mil, in which he just won a cup, but I think that price is a bit too steep for him. @DuncanQuweef gets a good deal in 1.75 and should produce here. @scorezyy (AG Tomza) gets a shot to prove himself, lets see if he actually shows up to his games.

    Defense is pretty weak, @PeteyMaCx11 & @canuckftc12W is their top pairing. Canuck is one of the more underrated dmen in the league. Brisan's running mate @A Salty SaiIor comes up from a rough season in the A in his return from a ban. Hopefully he finds his groove in the show.

    Goalies they bring in @Tendy who will probably fuck around and win a Vezina because that's how good of a player he is.

    X Factor: @D4D USA
    Breakout Player: @ScawtyPippen
    MVP: @:wood: (Malchesky) LOL at your name defaulting to wood when @'d.
    Best Contract: @canuckftc12W - 1.75 mil

    :team3: St. Louis Blues +4000 (40/1 Odds)

    @ScaryJoeyy joins his IRL and builds a pretty solid forward core. He gets maybe the best forward in bidding in @Ethancy and gets his boy @aHuff21 on a good deal for 4 mil. They have decent depth too and got @Xx LoL xX 9 for 2.75 and @Manning x 76 for 1 mil. I also like @Crow I50I on his 2 mil contract, very good for a 2nd line caliber player. This team like CBJ is all offense however.

    Defense is below average with @Ceel Makar who is a 3rd line player in my opinion and paying @AceNHL 3 mil is a big mistake. @iNooch is their best dman however but he is a 2nd line guy at best. This is not good enough if they want to be a contender.

    Goalies are pretty weak here too, @zBernatchez is paid to be their starter and he was below average on a good Bruins team previously. @l2 O M B O might be the better player and he was pretty good on an average Buffalo team.

    X Factor: @Retro vs
    Breakout Player: @Fat Grl Hntr
    MVP: @ScaryJoeyy
    Best Contract: @aHuff21 - 4 mil

    :team922: Seattle Kraken +4500 (45/1 Odds)

    @Shlarchey finally gets a squad and brings over PSN NHLer @AdxmI1I who has had success over there. I think he has some pretty solid depth but I still don't see a top 1st line that will compete vs the other top lines. @Da-_-Demigod (ImGodsJesus) produces wherever he goes whether it be a good or bad team. He can be a #1 LW in the league, but there isn't anyone else of his caliber. @Paynist is a very solid 2nd line C for 3.25 is about what he's worth. He did get some nice depth pieces in @Ten Ply and @IsThisNintendo for 1 mil and 750k.

    Defense is above average actually, they have a g7 pair in @I HDC I and @Sleemn. @l A7eX l was always a good player for OG Lowkeys teams in previous seasons and he gets another solid deal at 2.75 mil.

    Goalies are decent, @Tiny x 30 makes his return and has the potential to be a top g in the league. @jpiss was a monster in the AHL before switching to forward, but now he's back to G and will be one of the best backups this season.

    X Factor: @AdxmI1I
    Breakout Player: @xNewttzz
    MVP: @I HDC I
    Best Contract: @I HDC I - 5.75 mil

    :team7: New Jersey Devils +5500 (55/1 Odds)

    @TIN045 takes his hardware from Detroit and moves on to bigger and better things. He stepped up and took owner and tried his best. He paid top dollar for @Stifmeister x 7 at 8 mil and @MaGiK x96x at 7.5 mil. Magic was the best player on that Seattle team and he and Stiff will win 20 games. I'm just no sure who else is going to even come close to that. @Berpxy was the top prospect coming in and goes for 3mil instead of 1.5 on a rookie deal. @l Mccutch l's price is pretty fair at 3 mil but he is a good 2nd line guy.

    Defense is a lot to be desired. They tried to save money and spend up on the first line but it will hurt them severely since their best dman is a PSN guy in @Stiifler-_- and they paid 4.75 mil for him. Tino expects @ParkerMcLovin to breakout, I've heard he is actually decent. But unless he plays on the top line I don't expect him to have the stats to suggest he improved.

    They have two backup calibre goalies in @x Blix 33 and @WHEELZakaJAY, they want any chance they will have to make a move for a top starter.

    X Factor: @Berpxy
    Breakout Player: @ParkerMcLovin
    MVP: @MaGiK x96x
    Best Contract: @l Mccutch l - 3 mil

    :team78: Pittsburgh Penguins +6000 (60/1 Odds)

    @The AB Show comes up from making a run in the AHL with Henderson. He gets a lot of familiar faces from down there and some AHL all stars. He paid a hefty price for @Zilla7861 at 5 mil witch is a bit of an overpay. I just don't see a true top line here, there is a bunch of 2nd and 3rd line guys at best. Look out for @AK11GKG and he can be one of the best contracts in the league, it's just he doesn't have much help around there. @Anxcitys is another good contract but there are rumors he wants out and is not happy. @I Sandyy I had an incredible season for the Marlies previously, I expect him to produce as well as @Fromz l87l.

    Defense is average to below average. There is no top line here either and on paper @Gvnb is their top RD and @bouchrevolution thier top LD. I again don't think this is good enough to compete in this league. We will see what moves they can make to improve. But it's off to a rough start.

    @SeniorWheat2204 is a top goalie talent and will bail these guys out. He is a dman by trade but is actually a disgusting goalie and makes insane reads. @Vx Reject is another top goalie too, if there is one thing this team did right it's their goalie situation. But that just isn't enough.

    X Factor: @The AB Show
    Breakout Player: @GuIagGaryTV
    MVP: @AK11GKG
    Best Contract: @AK11GKG - 2.25 mil

    :team23: Florida Panthers +6500 (65/1 Odds)

    This team is a bunch of veterans that used to be sick, they will play competitive hockey but I'm not sure if they will have the thumbs like they used to. @o KniGhtZ o and his boys @Raynor & @x SMP 7 x form a line. @Wickie 71 is their highest paid forward and he has good thumbs but he isn't the player that will carry a line. @This_is_mint (rivster) gets a good deal for 4.5 mil but how much support will he have? @aimNclu7ch just won a calder and is ready for the next challenge of pushing for the playoffs in the N. But this situation isn't ideal...

    Defense is led by @NeNe and @officialmark07 but after that its 3rd line guys. I don't think there is enough juice here. Can @AnacondaStud carry this team to the playoffs? We'll find out.

    @StonewallSieve will be the starter and has always been a good goalie, I just don't think he has enough talent in front of him to succeed.

    X Factor: @AnacondaStud
    Breakout Player: @aimNclu7ch
    MVP: @NeNe
    Best Contract: @This_is_mint - 4.5 mil

    :team28: Arizona Coyotes +7000 (70/1 Odds)

    You can tell the strategy @JxHaTch24x was going for, get friends with chem. He gets the @l1l Sharp l0l line of @Dabaws l24l and @McPluggles and fills the rest with 3rd line players. This team is not very good upfront in terms of the rest of the league. If they don't make some moves to get top line forwards they are in trouble. @Leveskii gets a solid deal at 3.25 but other than that its pretty lackluster.

    Defense is @Dxmba and @BowTanique as their top line. Will Dxmba is a true #1 LD they don't have a top line RD. Lebang is a great 2nd line dman but paying @Newwdle 4.25 is a bit much. The 3rd line is ok with @JC Enterprise and Jhatch.

    The goalies are @Bizaye and @Dkuemps and they should make for a solid tandem but its not anything that will absolutely shut down opponents.

    X Factor: @Leveskii
    Breakout Player: @Dabaws l24l
    MVP: @Dxmba
    Best Contract: @JC Enterprise - 750k

    Dallas Starts +8000 (80/1 Odds)

    It's a shame because @AgentSooksta008 is such a good dude. He has a few nice pieces up front with @AyeKeeks and @cj142, just don't think there is any depth up front. @Architect3109 won rookie of the year in the AHL but gets a pricey 1.75 mil deal for a rookie. @Majorjetsfan is a dman and switched to forward and I don't think he is NHL caliber at all on forward.

    Defense he has @LaFleuR11 who is a top RD but after that its a bunch of 3rd line guys, @BigD Auditor has been great in the A but gets a 3 mil contract and that might be too steep for him.

    @Sorokin x 90 will have to carry this squad if they want a chance, and I don't think he is the guy to do that.

    X Factor: @cj142
    Breakout Player: @BigD Auditor
    MVP: @LaFleuR11
    Best Contract: @BlueLineKing7 - 750k

    :team77: Nashville Predators +15000 (150/1 Odds)

    Let's give it up to @a Bas3 CaMp3r for stepping up and taking over NSH a couple days before bidding. He did his best with what he knew on short notice. He got one of the best LW in LG with @Sbass19 and added to it with 3s stud @Nicky Moose 69. He paired up Bakersfield's top line of @Pearson x 70 & @xElias_26x (Pastrnak) as well as getting ROTY in the A and calder cup winner @Mooseballs04.

    They filled up the defense with AHL all-stars @Roubidoo, @killamilla6 & @xBeg I37I. His free contract also had an outstanding season on the San Jose Cuda. Unfortunately this is the NHL and you need a true top pairing in this league to compete. I really hope they prove me wrong though as they are all good guys.

    Bastien winner @IORIO EMPIRE comes up from the A and @Finn l35l comes up too. Both had excellent seasons down there, but again they need a true #1 NHL starter and unfortunately that's not here.

    X Factor: @Pearson x 70
    Breakout Player: @xBeg I37I
    MVP: @Sbass19
    Best Contract: @Mooseballs04 - 750k

    Vegas Golden Knights +20000 (200/1 Odds)

    Looks like @Xquidgamer built Recapture and then a bunch of random 3rd liners. I just don't understand some of the logic with bringing in @KingPatmoTTV who is a 3rd liner as his free contract. This just looks like esports practice for Bob and the boys.

    Defense isn't horrible, but with the forwards in place it won't matter. @NoWA I26I got a 6 mil deal this season after producing on a projected bad Chicago team. @CrazyJ0eDavola continues to be underpaid however, he is top line material in LG and has been very underrated.

    Goalies are pretty stacked but like above it won't matter, @Vaynx is the highest paid goalie in the league again and for good reason. But spending 1.5 on @F R i K S x 9 9 to be your backup is not smart, yes hes a good goalie, but you should have used that money to upgrade up front.

    X Factor: @KingPatmoTTV
    Breakout Player: @RemaK Sky
    MVP: @Vaynx
    Best Contract: @CrazyJ0eDavola - 3 mil

    Montreal Canadians +50000 (500/1 Odds)

    This QC team has interesting pieces but have a batch of 2nd and 3rd line guys here as well. The top line looks like it's @TakeNotes97, @Naslund x 19 & @Arsxno 94. That's ok, but not a true top line. @K6 I81I was a rookie of the year candidate in the A and is a very good player for min price. But I would want to see him in a better situation.

    Defense is pretty weak, I love @Farfadet92 but even he will say his 4.5 mil contract is outrageous. @o BlueDream l is probably the best dman here and has a nice 2.75 contract. @lBeLiEvEJESUSl is a good player but he tends to be toxic on bad teams and we will see if he lasts or gets moved, but that 4 mil contract might be too much for a contender.

    The goalie situation is ok, @lHuskie is a beast. It likely won't matter as this team is projected to really struggle to score and defend.

    X Factor: @Naslund x 19
    Breakout player: @K6 I81I
    MVP: @Arsxno 94
    Best Contract: @o BlueDream l - 2.75 mil

    :team27: New York Islanders +100000 (1000/1 Odds)

    Not much to talk about here, they ahve a couple good pieces with @Sharpxo at 3.25 mil and @darcou97 at 3 mil. @Tsunami Qc gets paid, but by the wrong team. He is a 2nd line C at best and they are paying him like a true first liner.

    Defense is pretty brutal, @Byfuglien x33l is their top RD at a brutal 5.25 mil and @TheFunkyH has a steep 4.75 mil contract. The rest are 3rd line guys.

    Goalies won't matter as the rest of the team is not very good. @Viktomize has a ok 2 mil contract that is moveable.

    X Factor: @Tsunami Qc
    Breakout player: @SweatedOrb5
    MVP: @Sharpxo
    Best Contract: @Sharpxo - 3.25 mil

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    I think you meant the best 2nd line player !
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    Hell of a write-up, great job typing out a crap ton of content when content is pretty scarce in the NHL! I think you're incorrect on the Isles here though, they're ahead of the Leafs and Canes in my book!
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    Well done Chi, lots of work put in here
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    Good writeup bro, need more of this!!
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    Already getting top lines try and scrub hunt us week one ;) let’s hope we can prove our 750k line.Good write up tho man
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    What do u mean by that
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    wow this is a lot, what a write up this is great stuff
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    Great write up, please continue this as you can! Always enjoy good media. Need a @Burnsy x 95 podcast
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    "If anyone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds on anything, you take that bet" - Kevin Malone
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    Appreciate the write up!
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    Good content
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    Boston needs Broomball16 to bolster the dcore and make them cup favourites
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    My favorite media guy is back ! Good write up, Hope the Isles will prove you wrong, even if I can’t disagree that we do not look really good on paper.
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    Solid write up, thanks for the extra motivation to prove you wrong.
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