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    For the duration of NHL 18 over the course of the next calendar year(Sept to Sept) LeagueGaming has several events and season predetermined and schedule for all players currently in "good standing" to participate in.

    The tenative scheduled events looks like this:

    LGHL, Season 28 - Xbox - completed

    LGHL, Season 29 - Xbox
    LGHL, Season 30 - Xbox

    LGHL, Season 6 - PS4 - completed
    LGHL, Season 7 - PS4
    LGHL, Season 8 - PS4

    ESHL, Event #2 - Xbox - completed
    ESHL, Event #3 - Xbox
    ESHL, Event #4 - Xbox
    ESHL, LG CUP Finals - Xbox

    ESHL, Event #2 - PS4 - completed
    ESHL, Event #3 - PS4
    ESHL, Event #4 - PS4

    Weekly "Friday Night Puck" Events *Both Xbox and PS4*

    Weekly "Saturday Night Puck" Events *Xbox*

    Currently based on the site wide participation policy the only players ineligible for LGHL seasons, ESHL Events, FNP Events, and SNP Tournaments are those currently servicing a League ban or Capital Punishments.

    For ESHL Event, all players whom sign up, and buy-in the event become eligible. The number of teams signed up will determine how many tiers the ESHL events shall have.

    Eligibility for the LGHL Seasons can be removed for:

    • Being issued a league ban
    • Being issued a capital punishment.
    • Players removed from a LGHL Season and issued a "league ban" on Xbox SHALL be removed from the LGHL Season on PS4 if the player is participating in both the Xbox and PS4 Season. *This applies to a PS4 player being removed from the PS4 league whom is participating in the Xbox Season*
    *Players whom no long wish to participate in LGHL Seasons are required to "retire" from play to avoid their playing eligibility being removed from the LGHL. Retirement ONLY applies to players under contract. Team Managers are INELIGIBLE to retire*

    Eligibility for the ESHL Events can be revoked for:

    • outstanding league ban *can be bought out*
    • outstanding capital punishment *can be bought out*
    • player's can be removed from a live ESHL event in situations where the ESHL staff determines a major violation has occurred. In these situations, the user WILL NOT recieve a refund for their ESHL buy-in.
    Eligibility for FNP and SNP Events can be revoked for:
    1. Being under a league of capital punishment.


    All appeals in regards to a "loss of eligibility" can be directed to @LG McDonald.

    All buy-out or buy-in information can be directed to @Tris10 and @LG McDonald

    Please reference our official LeagueGaming "Terms of Service"

    Please reference our official LeagueGaming "Site Ban Buyout Policy - League Seasonal Ban Policy"

    Best of luck in whatever you decide to participate in here on the #1 place for eSports Hockey!
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