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    Ban Buyout Policy - Update Jan 2018

    Starting in Januray 2018 we are going to update our ban buyout policy based on the most commonly received feedback from management and players. The 2 most common requests are
    1. Increase buyout for repeat offenders
    2. At a certain point the length of the ban should be served and can not be bought out
    3. No chat mute buyouts for certain lengths
    These 3 requests will be part of our new policy, as well as a new classification of "Capital Offense". Capital offense will replace site bans. here is a brief point form of the changes
    • Moving all currency to CAD from USD
    • Tiered Ban Buyout Amounts (over a 5 year span)
      • 1st Offense - $50CAD
      • 2nd Offense - $75CAD
      • Capital Offense (3 or more in a 5 year span) - $100CAD. Below are points for anyone with a capital offense
        • Must Serve a min 3 season ban
        • Includes a 6 month chat mute
        • If its a ban for the LGHL, can not play in either the Xbox or PSN until the min 3 season ban. However while this person is serving a capital offense they could buyout and play in other LG leagues (ie FNP, ESHL, CanAm, LGFA ect)
        • Must pay the ban to ever be allowed to come back and play in any league at LG. Capital offenses do not expire over time.
    • Any chat mute that is 6 months must serve 2 months of that mute that can not be bought out.
    • The only situation whereby a site ban is issued is when a player who is currently serving a CO ban, is issued an additional CO ban, a one-year site ban will be issued as well.
    Those will be the new changes, However a lot of people do not know the current buyout rules that protect managers so i want to post those below to remind everyone
    • Any player who buys out mid-season will be returned to their current team and contract (no player can buyout of a contract or who they play for)
    • Anyone who quits mid-season isn't pulled off any roster position in other leagues (as long as its not LGHL) but can not signup for any new season/league at LGHL while under a ban
    • Any Manager whom is issued a seasonal ban is ineligible to buyout his or her ban to return to the same league within the same season the ban has been issued.

    LGHL - LGAHL - LGCHL *X1 and PS4* Seasonal Ban Policy

    While participating within the LGHL - LGAHL - LGCHL on either console players need to be familiar with the seasonal ban policy and procedure.

    Player Requirements:

    1. Players are required to give a MINIMUM OF 5 GAMES availability WEEKLY!
    2. Players are required to give their availability within their respective locker room, under the "Sign Up" feature or via the official LG Mobile App NO LATER THAN 11:59 PM EST Saturday prior to the week of scheduled games.
    3. Players are required to show up for games in which he or she is scheduled for.
    4. Players are required to retire from the league within the set deadlines if said player is unable to committed to the above stipulations.
    5. Users are required to maintain and active LG profile as well as an Xbox Gold Membership on their account. Gold sharing accounts are prohibited from use here on LG. *Some exceptions do apply*
    6. Players removed from a LGHL Season and issued a "league ban" on Xbox SHALL be removed from the LGHL Season on PS4 if the player is participating in both the Xbox and PS4 Season. *This applies to a PS4 player being removed from the PS4 league whom is participating in the Xbox Season*
    7. Users are required to maintain a PSN Plus account *if active in the PSN League* and or an Xbox Gold Membership *if active in the Xbox League.* Gold sharing accounts are not acceptable here on LG. *Some exclusions and expectations do apply*
    *As per Article IV of the Constitution, failure to comply with the above stipulations can result in being removed from your respective league, and being issued a seasonal ban.*

    Manager Responsibilities

    1. Managers are required to ensure his or her players are giving their availability in the correct manner IE via the website or mobile app.
    2. Managers are required to issue "Missed Game" strikes to players who do not show up for their scheduled games. Without strikes managers are ineligible to file for removal.
    3. Managers are required to file official "Player Removal Requests" via the Action Center submitting valid proof that the player in question needs to be removed from the League.
    Seasonal Ban Length

    One Season Ban

    • single season bans are ONLY given to the CHL Training Camp players whom become inactive and or quit the LGCHL.
    Two Season Ban
    • All standard bans in the LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL are two season bans.
    Three Season Ban
    • All Capital Punishments are accompanied by a three season ban.
    • All standard league bans issued after the Official League Trade Deadline are upgraded to a three season ban.
    *Once a seasonal ban is issued a player, that player becomes ineligible to participate in any LG Event that he or she is NOT ALREADY participating in*

    Right to an Appeal

    All seasonal ban are eligible for buyout with a few minor exceptions. Not every ban requires a buyout either. In most situations, a seasonal ban will expire once it has been served. Players are reminded that if they wish to appeal a seasonal ban they can do so by filling an official appeal in the Action Center(Under Request - select the league and ACTUALLY RULING - add proof and submit)

    Once an official appeal has been submitted in the Action Center players are also required to send a follow up PM to @LG McDonald in regards to their appeal.

    If an appeal is granted the player will not be required to buyout his or her ban.

    eSport Hockey League Ban Policy

    All members whom are participating in an ESHL event are bought in to the event.

    A seasonal ban issued from the LGHL will not remove the eligibility of an ESHL player WHOM IS ALREADY BOUGHT INTO AN EVENT.

    Players whom have an active LGHL Seasonal Ban or an active Capital Punishment will be required to bought out that ban prior to being eligible to buy into and participate in an ESHL Event.

    Players whom are bought into an ESHL event and are issued a Capital Punishment by the ESHL Staff will be removed from the Event and NOT ISSUED a refund of his or her entry fee.

    Any ban related ESHL questions be can sent to @jonlol
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