PICK & ROLL Championship (PNR SHIP)

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Who do you think wins the PNR SHIP ?

  1. Miami Heat

  2. New Orleans Pelicans

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    The Pick&Roll(PNR)


    Start off by saying congratulations to all the teams that made the playoffs it was a very competitive season. A lot of madness, fun and competition all season.

    I'm going to give you a little summary of the playoffs that leads up to this PNR Championship.

    Heat,Hawks, Pelicans and Memphis had a bye the first week. Being the top seeds in their conferences they got a bye the first week.

    Round 1

    Philly vs Raptors went 5 games Vik and Mac team tried to Bully Bully Raptors but with a call up pg Shift stealing one game and Vik having availability issues they had to go to game 5 where Mac and them steam rolled the Raptors. Only if tickle didn't want to be MVP this series could went anyway.

    Wizard vs New York went 5 games as well with a shocking upset. Melo and his Knicks took out Dreams dream and the Wizards fell in game 5 as Kobs tried to fight to get his team to the second round but New York cuts was just too much.

    Lakers vs Trailblazers with people predicting an upset. That made Zero and his Lakers zero in to sweep Khorey and the Blazers. Lakers came out smoking and never looked back. Khorey tried his best but Lakers clearly felt disrespect and took it out on them and finished them in 3 games.

    Timberwolves vs Suns

    Savage had his team ready to attack in the night with his alpha male Bwitt ready to do what he did to get himself MVP. The Suns just couldn't do anything to stop the wolves in the night. They pounced on them and swept the series in 3 games.

    Round 2

    Heat vs Knicks

    Flems and the Heat was ready for Melo and their offense. Knicks end up sneaking 1 game causing them not to get swept but they had a lot to go against only can do so much when a team is built like the Heat. 3-1 was the series but much respect to the Knicks getting 1 game out of it.

    Hawks vs Philly

    Snype seems they got the smartest deal out of their trades with each other cause Mac and Vik didn't have enough to battle with them. With Philly getting 1 game they just didn't have enough for a strong team like the Hawks. They kinda knew it was time for them to eat a Philly cheese steak series was 3-1 Hawks.

    Pelicans vs Timberwolves

    Venom was a boy among men in this series but it didn't stop him for going off don't get me wrong Bwitt fought back but that snakes Venom was to much for the wolves and that PNR. Subs finish it the next day almost grading out westie before they had to start over the game because of a lag out. Savage and his Timberwolves had a good season. But Pelicans had two great PGs why Wolves only had 1. This series end up in a sweep 3-0

    Lakers vs Memphis

    Andoo and Wall had to finish the Lakers in game 5 after Lakers had to FF the first two games because of unfortunate events. But they came back the second day and won two on Mason. Leading Wall and Andoo to have to take game 5. Wasn't expecting it to go 5. But Memphis been having trouble with their second line all season. Zero and his Lakers fought but no way was Andoo let them move on.

    Conference Finals

    Heat vs Hawks

    Flems and Process was on a different level. With Flems going ham in game 1 and showing why their PNR duo was so deadly Hawks kept trying to fight the whole game but couldn't get over the hump. If Snype was on his lock the game might of been different. Then game 2 Flems was off but his teammates came though showing why they was one of the best teams all around. After that Hawks had to FF due to availability problems people will say NCAA or it should got rescheduled. But do to rules they had to end their season on FF Ferrea and some Hawks players are still upset. But they was swept 3-0

    Memphis vs Pelicans

    What a battle game 1 Venom and ching coaching down the stretch help them sneak 1 game away as ching would say PNR help seal the deal in game 1. In game 2 Andoo and Wall was ready having an amazing game and stacks was on another level game 2 leaving all the pressure on their second line the next day. But Subs had something to prove getting the Pelicans two games. Memphis was so upset they claimed dribble glitch. After bogs went over the tape clearly he didn't glitch and the grizzlies season was over. 3-1 grizzlies had a good season. But that PNR was something serious.


    Heat vs Pelicans

    As I said the Pick and Roll Championship or PNR Ship.

    Venom and his Pelicans will have a fight in the Championship like they did in the regular season against the Heat. The Heat put it on them. But Venom didn't have his second legend with him as C. Venom will have to make good decision and his OF boys will have to be ready to be hitting on all accords. Ching will keep them calm but this will be a game where no mistake can happen. Subs and the second line will have to be on it as well Sniper will have to be ready to step up and take on a big roll and show he's basically a 1st line player but just on the second line cause the team is so stacked from 1 though 10. Bgon going to have to be ready to bang them 3s.

    On the Heat side Flems and Process PNR game is going to have to keep being on point can't have any slip up as well. Because Pelican's defence is going to key in on shutting it down. Them hash shooters and corners are going have to be ready to bang them 3s if they start playing heavy on them. Beardo will have to be the dominant lock he is. He's going against Venom and he can stop the kid I'm sure he can slow him down but with Venom playing with another legend this game his communication is going to be key for great defence. Rick is going have to get his cobwebs out his controller haven't played since the Knicks. He can't have no slip ups in the series but I think extreme will make sure they're PNR is on point. They are very good and will be hard to beat. Whoever can go 2-0 on Wednesday or Thursday and split one will win this championship. If it goes 5 games its a toss up and the best lines for the last battle will be out there. Don't think either one of them want to go 5 they prefer to finish it in 4 but I think it might go 5 and let the best PNR win the Championship.

    Congratulations to everyone again and let the battle begin next Wed.

    The PNR SHIP
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