Player Education Round 2 : Three Games? Three Lines? Structure?

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    For the last 15 or 16 seasons I have been a Commissioner using this structure to run Xbox Hockey Leagues. As the discussions began to ramp up I never really realized other Leagues out there are were using something different. I am pretty sure a majority of the Xbox Leagues use a structure similar simply because it has a proven track record.

    By no means am I here to bash years of experience and success other sites or League may have had. I simply just want to explain why in my opinion, and I assume the opinion of 2500+ players for over 15 seasons on Xbox, why this three game a week structure works.

    Why do we all sign up to play in Leagues in the first place? In my eyes LG has built its reputation on offering players the opportunity to become internet superstars. The LGHL is a prime example of showcasing pure individual talent. "Your Virtual Career" is the term we coined here, and it is completely fitting. This environment simply wouldn't be possible or nearly as strong if it wasn't for the basics; our league structure.

    Simple question I'll through out to the community. How can you possibly give a player the Rocket Richard if he CAN and DOES play more games than a majority or the League? I think that alone makes us enjoy our three game structure that much more. Each skater with the exception of one final game at the end of the season is entitled to the exact same amount of playing time each and every week. That allows for games played not to equal an award or determined "skill". Time in isn't a true reflection of skill or talent. We all can see that from the EASHL or OTP Leaderboards. A Guy with 2000 more games than anyone is obviously going to outscore everyone else, but it doesn't mean he is the best. Three games a week allows for the Superstars, to be true Superstars.

    What does three lines really uncover for a League? Three lines means your best players or your managers can't play 66% of the time. That forces players to build chemistry. How many guys end up on a line with players they do not normally play with? Happens every season, and every season those players jump into club games and learn how to play as a unit. It allows us to become more of a team, and rely heavily on each other even when we aren't able to physically play together. If we put our Owner hat on for a second, winning a championship when you can only play 33% of the time showcases your ability to build as well as play. Everyone says they "know the talent" but every season we see new up and coming players get a shot on a roster because one owner put in more work than the other. Does the ability to not play and physically control every game make you a better owner? I think so. I think it shows us the difference between the good Owners, and the great Owners.

    The argument at times when you compare a three game a week system to something else is simply that you can't play with your friends, or players want to play more. My argument back tends to be along the lines of "EA created a feature called EASHL, that allows you to play as much as you want with whom ever you want. This is LG, something different where yes you can not play as much, but when you do play it will influence how successful you are far more than what you'll experience in EASHL" A lot of players enjoy showing up for three games a week, and only committing an hour and a half, or perhaps two and half hours right now due to our current input delay issues. Never the less, it is a very minimal commitment. A large majority of our community enjoys that.

    That is also what makes LG so unique. The experience you have here is completely controlled by how much you want to put into this. You can be the guy who only visits the site when bidding is live or you can be the Owner who puts 30 hours a week into his team and watches all of his team games live with our new feature ( ). Whatever path you choice this League and Site ahs place for you.

    I know there will be players who doubt this system, or prefer something else out there. My only comment to those players is why not play both? This League isn't forcing you to make a decision, it is simply offering you something new to try, with tools and features PSN has never seen before. Choice is yours, and if you have any competitive bone in your body, the desire to try and win under this structure should be enough to at least make you want to give it a shot.

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