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    As players progress through the League, their status changes. When their player status changes, so does restrictions applied to that player. For an example, Veteran status is the less restrictive status we have. Veteran players are eligible for any League and are placed on waivers when sent down. Prospects are the complete opposite. Prospects are waivers exempt, but limited to certain Leagues.

    Understanding How Status' Are Assigned?

    Player status are directly linked to games played. Since we are in our first season of the LGHL for the PSN, a baseline is required. Therefore the baseline has been determined as follows :

    -All NHL Managers and players won in NHL bidding are granted Veteran status.

    -All AHL Managers, and players won in AHL Bidding are granted Amateur status.

    -All late sign ups(players whom sign up from now, until the final week of the season) will be granted Prospect status.

    Moving forward in future season, this is how players will move from status to status :

    All Prospect players, after completing 15 regular season games will be moved to Amateur Status.

    All Amateur players, after coming 27 games(one season) in the NHL, will be moved to Veteran Status.

    Once Veteran status is obtained, no further changes will occur.

    What Does Random Assignment Status Mean? ( RA )

    The Random Assignment status ( RA ), is not given to players based on games played, but issued based on when a player signs up. The three normal status' (Veteran, Amateur, Prospect) are given to everyone, including random assigned players. The major difference is, to uphold the integrity of our bidding system, Veterans, Amateurs, and Prospects whom sign up after the bidding sessions, will need to be identified. The main reason, they are required to be identified is to protect team selections through bidding.

    For example, all random assigned players are issued a single season contract at 500k. A situation could occur where a highly priced NHL player, signs up late, misses NHL bidding and then is randomly assigned. To ensure that player does not work his way to the NHL thereby undermining the entire bidding process, RA status and restrictions are applied.

    What Restrictions Are Applied To Each Status?

    Our veteran players have no limitations, or restrictions applied to them. This means, a veteran player won in bidding is eligible for every tier of the League as well as will end up on waivers if sent down.

    Our Amateur players won in bidding have no restrictions applied to them in regards to which tier of the League they can play in as well. The only "special" restriction applied to our Amateur players is that they are waiver exempt. This exemption is to simulate a "two-way"contract system. This will allow for an Amateur to be called up to the NHL for a few week playing stint, but then be returned to the team's affiliate roster without the risk of being picked up by another team.

    Our Prospect players have restrictions applied to them. Currently in our Xbox League, we do not allow prospect players to player directly in the NHL to prevent "second account issue". We also want to simulate a true path to the NHL therefore we have our prospect players become our NHL Draft class for the following season.

    Our Random Assignment players also have restrictions applied to them in regards to where they can play. Think of the RA status as an ADDITIONAL status to the big three;Veteran, Amateur, Prospect. Currently in the NHL in our Xbox League, we do not allow any player whom is randomly assigned(regardless of status) play full time in the NHL. As stated before, and in past posts, bidding is the best way and more fair way for us to assign player value. Therefore, we assigned a call up restriction to randomly assigned players.

    What Does This Mean For The PSN League?

    Like stated above, all our NHL players will become veterans, our AHL players amateurs and our late sign ups prospects. Since we are trying to get the League off the ground, the restrictions that will be implemented for this season won't be as harsh as our established Xbox League. Of course our goal will be to work towards that in future seasons.

    At this current time, I am unsure what restrictions make sense, and I probably won't make a decision until AHL bidding is completed and the remaining players are assigned to AHL TC.

    There will be a further discussion with our League owners on what restrictions we all can agree are fair for this first season.​
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