Player Education Round 4 : Why Did I Get Ban? What Are My Options?

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    This educational post can be useful for players and managers. Now that our season is underway, players can be removed from rosters for missing games or quitting the League.

    Of course suspensions can be issued to managers and players who violate anything in Article Four as well. The judicial system we use here on LG is different and maybe new to many of you, therefore I feel this could be one of the most important Player Education posts thus far.

    I will be sending this as a PM to the entire PSN community as well, so by all means, if you have questions let me know!

    The two major reference posts for this discussion are of course Article Four : The Rule Book, and part of Article Three in regards to removal.

    Link to Article Four

    Article Three Important Info :
    Let's break that down a bit before we get into the meat and potatoes of this "How To" thread.

    Players can be removed for :

    -missing three games in a week

    (common sense, if you no show three games and are issued strikes you can be removed)

    How to prevent that? If you are away for a week or two, let you managers know, so they can put you on IR.

    -Inactive PSN account

    (common sense, if you signed up for the League and your username does not match your PSN account name, therefore your team can no find you on the PlayStation Network, you can be removed.)

    How to prevent that? Ensure you have an update account here on LG, so your managers have a two way(site and system) to contact you.

    -unresponsive to a League Removal Request.

    (This normally applies to players whom are randomly assigned. Therefore in the AHL, it is EXTREMELY important to maintain a relationship with your training camp players. If they become unresponsive, issue a removal strike, and if they do not respond in 72 hours file for removal. These bans are only ever a single season simply because they are normally only issued to TC players whom are not guaranteed games.)

    How to prevent that? Remain active on the website and in your team chat so your Managers know you are also available to play.


    (Basic stuff, you say you quit, then your managers have to prove staff with proof you stated your intention to not play anymore.)

    How to prevent that? Unless you truly do not wish to play here anymore or have a personal commitment preventing you from being able to continue to play, I strongly suggest you only say what you mean, and mean what you in regards to posting in the team chat or on skype or via PM. Emotions can get the best of us at times, and based on the rules once you state your intention to quit, you managers do have the ability to file for removal. Let cooler heads prevail and remember this is only a video game and its meant to be fun for us all.

    Why Did I Get Ban,Suspended, a Warning etc?

    This is probably the second most common question I get each season. Why did it get ___________? Luckily the system has a built in feature to show you EXACTLY why you were issued, a suspension, ban or whatever.

    Everything you need to know about is directly programmed into the "Alert" feature on the website. Each time you get an alert, make it a priority to check that out.


    Anytime you see a "Ruling : You Have Been Issued a....." whatever works follow, will give you brief heads up of what you did wrong.

    What MOST player don't realize is if your CLICK on that alert, it will redirect you to the "Recent Actions" page where you can see a full description of what you did.


    This is what the redirected page looks like. In the top gray box, where it says "Ruling" whatever is posted there, is exactly what staff writes in to ensure you know exactly what you did wrong.

    The lower box where you see my Username, under "Ruling" will be the punishment you received.

    Basically that allows you to see RIGHT AWAY what you did wrong, and what your punishment is!

    What Are My Options?

    Of course now that you have found out what you did wrong, and the punishment associated with that wrong doing the next logical question is "What Can I Do About it?" Our system would not be complete without a full appeal system as well.


    Head over to the action center and select Appeal. Then select your League, and Action(filed against you) and submit your appeal.

    All appeals are normally handled by the player's association but since there isn't one and I do not personally deal with complaints, I handle the appeals.

    Very simple, and effective way to ensure that our judicial system is fair and honest.

    Public Transparency

    Being transparent in decisions is always an important priority of mine. In situations that involve something serious, a League wide post with as much proof as possible will be provided as well as a reasoning as to how a decision was made.

    For everyday stuff, the new feed as well as the player in violation new feed is a great reference point to show the community each decision that was made.


    Quick example of my news feed after that violation I created for this thread.


    The public news feed which also shows the violation I issued.

    Any questions or comments let me know! This will also be sent as a PM so feel free to reply!


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