"How To" Player's Guide: "How To" Stats,Scheduling,Game Night Setup, Usernames Changes, etc!

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    With the introduction to the new OCR, the utilization of EASHL Club Challenge, and everything else in between the community as a whole does required some updated info on what the expectations are for players to ensure our games get played each night and what should happen if we have connection issues.

    Everything Stats Related

    Everyone cares about their individual points therefore players need to be sure that a few things are kept updated in their profile to ensure they are credited with points and games played.


    Those of you not familiar with how to change your GT or your "Skater Name" Check out the picture above! By clicking on your username at the top right hand corner of your screen you'll open a drop down menu with a ton of options.

    GT and Username changes are ALL handled under the "External Accounts" feature.

    Your "Skater Name" will be located under the "Personal Details" section.

    When you load up the "Personal Details" you will see the NHL 16 Player Name. That is what needs to match whatever your name is currently in the game.



    "HOW TO" TAKING STATS IN NHL 17 (Reference Thread)

    Everything Scheduling!

    By now I assume everyone active in the Leagues understand they have to give a minimum of four games availability each week if they want to be scheduled according to their availability. Our mobile app makes giving your availability easier than ever before!

    It also lets you give availability for future weeks so you can stay ahead


    Go to "My Team" on the app, that will load up your scheduled. By swiping to the left it will give you an option to quick sign up at your listed position.


    That is an example of swiping left to give you an the sign up options. Try and have your weekly availability in as soon as possible! That will give your team a better chance to line match and set the weekly scheduled up in quick fashion.

    Game Night Setup - Forfeits - Extra Time - Lag-outs - Reschedules - Timelines For The Game To Begin

    Game night setup and procedures have to be the MOST talked about issue we see each and every season here on LG. Each year we seem to uncover a new challenge that causes issues and makes our lives difficult. Last season we saw "Input Delay"(Captain Lag), and this season we are seeing increasing issues with Club Challenge not working! Some claim to have a fix if you open up your the settings on your router but nothing has been confirmed yet. If you ANYONE has a quick fix send me a PM so I can share it with the community.

    There is a ton of valuable info I need to share with everyone so bare with me and please make sure you review this!

    Game Night Setup:

    • Official game times are considered 9-10-11(NHL), 9:30-10:30(AHL),8:30-9:30(CHL) and 9-10(ECHL). Keep that in mind when I use the term "official game time".
    • The rules have a built in stipulations for "five minutes after the official game time" and for "ten minutes after the official game time." These stipulations dictate when a forfeit can be claimed, when players NEED to be online and in the dressing room, etc. Understanding this timeline will ensure games get started and finish on time(fingers crossed)
    • "Five minutes after the official game time" has been around FOREVER! It's basically become our new unofficial official game time. During this five minutes EVERYONE scheduled for the game needs to make their way to the dressing room so the invite or challenge can be sent. This is a great time to get an ECU player on standby as well in cause of a last minute lag out or issue. This is also when the League wants to see the game lobby begin.
    • "Ten minutes after the official game time" tries to take into consideration the lobby timer. It is different this season because we can't start a session without a complete six in the dressing room. But keep in mind this is a buffer for when the session has begun. Try and get the game invites in by the five minute mark to allow for the five minute of lobby time to take care of any last minute issues. We have allowed teams to dip into this time to get the session up and running as well.
    • After the "ten minutes after official game time" has past the game should be underway. Granted there has been any lobby issues, or player connection issues the game should have begun.
    Extra Time?!?:

    What is extra time? When can it be requested? What is it for?
    • Extra time in a nutshell was put into place to ensure that last second connection issues or lag outs don't result in forfeits. It is also considered the amount of time allowable for a team to replace or wait for a player to return from a lag out.
    • Extra time can be requested anytime before the official game time right up until "ten minutes after official game time"(SO YES that means the LATEST a game could start would be +20 past the official game time) If we have enough respect for one another and don't abuse this system, additional time is the most effective way for us to handle server inconsistencies.
    • Once the game launches, if a player disconnects "extra time" is automatically requested to allow the team whom had a lag out either A) replace the lag out player with an ECU(none roster player) or B) allow the player enough time to reconnect and return to the game.
    • Extra time is considered a ten minute window.
    Forfeits? When Can They Be Taken? What Circumstance Should They Be Taken?
    • One situation where a forfeit can be taken is if one team messages their opponent prior to the game starting or during the game setup window stating they forfeit.
    • A home team can claim a forfeit as soon as the "ten minutes past the official game time" has passed. Obviously as the home team the lobby invite OR club challenge invite MUST have been sent as well.
    • An away team can claim a forfeit as after the "ten minutes after official game time" has elapsed and they did not receive a game invite.
    • Keep in mind a forfeit CANNOT be called if a team requests additional time, until the additional time as surpassed.
    • If a player lags outs, his or her team is given ten minutes to find a replacement player or allow the player whom lagged out to return
    • If the player is ECU'd, the player MUST be replaced by a NON roster player.
    • Be sure the correct screenshots are taken for the OCR after a lag out!
    Club Challenge Issues - Reschedules
    • By now we all have experienced the issues club challenge can cause us on a nightly basis. It isn't ideal for league games but it is what we have right now.
    • Teams whom are having issues with players connecting to the lobby from club challenge do have an option to reschedule the game or part of the game if need be. Obviously it is recommended to use ECUs if you have them but that may not be an option always.
    • The BOG have already ruled in a few situations that if there is six skaters on each side, and there is a club challenge issue the games does not result in a forfeit but rather results in a full reschedule or a partial reschedule of the game that needs to be completed.
    • It has been brought to EA's attention that club challenge is buggy at times. We are hoping for a fix sooner than later but for now this is hand we have been dealt. Try and make it work.
    • A team CANNOT CLAIM CLUB CHALLENGE ISSUES WITHOUT SENDING A CHALLENGE(home team) or ACCEPTING A CHALLENGE(away team). There has to be a LEGITIMATE attempt to have the game start on time in order for the League to consider a reschedule. It is best practice to have the games streaming if possible! It will allow for video proof to be provided to the BOG if an issue occurs.
    As a community we need to find a balance. A lot of players work early in the AM or have other commitments like Pro Series after their LG Games. By no means do I want to see the League turn into a forfeit fest but I also understand the frustration players have waiting ten or twenty minutes to get a game started. Obviously there are connection, server and game issues that are COMPLETELY out of our hands. It is no ones fault that a player cannot connect to the Club Challenge lobby or game. Hence why the league is being very understanding and allowing for reschedules or partial reschedules for those teams whom make valid efforts to PLAY!

    Overall we ALL signed up to play our games. There are a ton of managers out there whom want to win on the ice and want to be forfeit free which means they will wait at all costs. I don't want to see those managers get abused but I also don't want to see teams waiting until 9:11 calling a forfeit and trying to grease their way to, two points. As competitive of a League as we have become we are still a gentlemen's league at heart.

    Collectively there are issues we can control. We all have the ability to submit our personal availability and keep our LG Profiles update with our current info. It doesn't take much effort for us to read and review what stats and pictures are required so if we are ever in a situation where we need to take pictures we can do so correctly. I think communication and respect between teams competing night in and night out goes along way. I don't think we have players here on the site whom wish to win their way to a championship via forfeits. That kind of defeats the purpose of signing up to PLAY in a 6v6 League.

    All I am asking for is balance. Step one to finding that balance I feel is education. Educate the general population on how things work and why they work this way in hopes that regardless of what teams are encountering on a nightly basis the games get played. I am only one person, and I can only educate and post so much. The BOG can only handle so much as well. I think each and every player whom has signed up and committed to play LG needs try and do their part to correct this issue. That will also ensure that when we get real issues like what we are experiencing with Club Challenge we collectively as a community can make exceptions to allow for these bumps in the road to now affect the League drastically.
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    How To Take States Using the New LG Stats API

    Exciting news, we finally have the single biggest feature we've all been waiting for, a direct API to EA Sports for stats. This means no fumbling with screen shots, OCR, twitter or your phone to prove stats. This also means managers no longer will need to correct stats or spend hours fixing and managing their organisations stats.

    This API is for both Xbox One and PS4, and we'll support it for every LG NHL league Team league we do including

    • Pro Series
    • CanAm
    • Friday Night Puck
    • IHL & LGWJ
    • And any other supported LG League
    This is the killer LG Feature we've all been waiting for.

    There is still some manual input as this API doesn't give us everything we have today, Rather then losing these stats we decided to make those stats manual, So manual stat input is this

    • Team Time on Attack
    • Team Power Play Goals & Attempts
    • Goals by Period
    Everything else we get from the API.

    How it works is simple, the user selects the LG Game, then types in the "EA Sports Club" their LG game was played on, That brings up a list of the last 5 games that EA Sports Club played. The user simply needs to select which EA Sports Game is connected to the LG Game.

    Here is a full demo

    There are a few things to consider though

    • We can only get stats from Club Challenge, Not the match making PIN System
    • It takes roughly 30-50 minutes after the game to show up on the API
    • We can only see a teams last 5 games right now, meaning if they play all night in club challenge we might not be able to get stats for that game
    Here is a list of the benefits
    • Makes being a manager in LG much easier, less work
    • IF we remove the OCR input, we could move all stat entry away from managers so that only BOG could manage stats and we never have to worry about stats being padded
    • 100% accuracy
    • We could do things like team records, season achieves now, now that players wont accidentally be given 1000 goals for a single game by accident ect.
    We will still support the OCR going forward while we test out the API but going forward this should really help our community and grow LG to new levels,

    Enjoy everyone

    How To Take Stats Using the OCR

    1. Prerequisite & Setup
    Before your game, these are things to make sure are working
    1. Make sure your Leaguegaming "Xbox GamerTag" is linked to the correct gamertag (under external accounts) you played your LG game with. This is the account we look for xbox screen shots and game clips
    2. Make sure all your Xbox Privacy settings are set to everyone for "See your game clips".
    3. Make sure you are either signed up for the LG game (either unconfirmed or confirmed) using the signup system.

    2. After Game

    (If your game is disconnected, follow the instructions of 2b. listed down below)

    Once a game is over a member from the winning team is required to take 4 screen shots from their xbox one, those screen shots are

    1. Team Stats - Example.
    2. Period Stats - Example.

    For Player stats, we use the new NHL 17 player stats screen that has gamertags and all 12 players on a single screen shot. We require 2 images here to get all stats.

    3. Player stats (scroll so PIM is highlighted) - Example.
    4. Player stats (scroll FO% is highlighted) - Example.

    Tips for taking screen shots - Do not take a screen shot with any screen overlays over any part of the stats, ie notification popups. If there is any blockage of the stats table the OCR will not be able to find where to start , or what stats are for what columns.
    3. Using the OCR (optical character recognition) on Leaguegaming.com

    Now that the game is over a member from the winning team (or team manager) can use the OCR to do stats, to do so goto

    1. The League the game is for (LGHL or LGAHL, or LGCHL or LGECHL)
    2. Hover "My LG" > Input Score > Select the game
    Once in the "OCR", follow the steps outlined.

    First step is to search all screen shots from players in the game.

    The 2nd step is for the old player name system, if your screen shots are from the new NHL 17 stat system, skip this step.

    The 3rd step is to search for images, select them by clicking on them and selecting the type of image its for (Team Stats, or Period Stats or User Stats ect).

    Last step is submit and save the game stats.
    4. Manual Stats Corrections by Team Managers

    If for whatever reason the OCR does not include a player, or adds an extra digit or does an 8 instead of a zero for example, its up to the managers to manually edit and correct game stats. They can do so by viewing the game, and there is a link at the bottom of the game to edit stats.

    2b. If a game is disconnected

    If a game requires any type of restart, simply take the 4 screen shots to capture the state of the game at that point. Then when the game is over after the restart, take the other 4 screen shots. In the OCR you can create a partition where you simply select which set of screen shots or for what periods played.

    Here is a video of how to use the OCR from NHL 16, the process is basically exactly the same except we use the new NHL 17 menu for screen shots.

    If you have any questions, please post below and we'll update this document.

    Thank you
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