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    1. Jersey Issues - Home or Away?
    2. Club Challenge Challenges - Settings? - Official Pin Numbers?
      • Currently one of the known CC issues is team CANNOT find one another if a player has one of their opponents blocked on Xbox Live. To ensure the game gets started on time, review the line up prior to playing and ensure you do not have anyone blocked prior to the challenge being sent!
      • Based on the official schedule, each team coming into a game knows which team is home and which team is away.
      • [​IMG]
      • From your EASHL club screen, you can access a "private" session. This is what was patched in for us to use.
      • Be sure you use the official pin, and select whether you are home or away based on what the LG schedule says!
      • [​IMG]
      • This is the official pin from our mobile app view.
      • [​IMG]
      • This is where the official pin is found on the website!
      • Here is the reference thread in regards to our pin system.
    3. Taking Stats - OCR Retired - Manual Stats Option? Screenshots Required?
      • Reference thread for stats entry.
      • Stat entry on LG has been one of the more evolving systems we have. Recent updates from EA have allowed @Tris10 to fix up the API coming into NHL 19 and this season.
      • There is no change to the fact that our #1 way for stat entry WILL BE THE API! A quick reminder on how to get to the API; go to your league forum, click on "My LG" --> Input Score --> select the game and select EA API.
      • The OCR has been retired after being our sure fire way for stat entry for several years. The OCR was our system whereby managers or players could enter stats with pictures. That is no longer a supported system here on LG.
      • Manual Stat Entry? We needed a back up to the API in case there are issues. This will be ONLY USED AS A BACKUP! THIS WILL NEVER BE USED IN SITUATIONS WHEREBY THE API IS FUNCTIONING!
      • I have made a request that image uploading be added to our manual stat system to help us verify stats that are manually entered. IF ANY MANAGER OR PLAYER IS FOUND ENTERING FAKE STATS(STAT PADDING) A CAPITAL BAN WILL BE ISSUED IMMEDIATELY!
      • A few seasons ago we had a website issue that reset stats, therefore I requested moving forward players or managers take screenshots as a back up to our systems. I will also accept streams, therefore ensure your players who are streaming have their stream setting set to save their streams!
      • Here are the examples of the screenshots we require for NHL 19:
      • [​IMG]
      • Team Stats ^
      • [​IMG]
      • Player Summary #1 ^
      • [​IMG]
      • Player Summary #2
      • [​IMG]
      • Box score
    4. Rule Changes For This Season
      • Not a lot is changing for this season. Here is a quick reference:
        1. Refusal to play - Conduct Unbecoming - Being A Detriment to your team, will all result in a capital ban.
        2. Code of Conduct violations have been updated so first offences are one month. Also any situation where a user threats another member will result in a capital ban upon my review.
        3. Temporary Call Ups are removed. Anytime a player is on IR, that player MUST be replaced by an ECU.
        4. Wednesday game times have been swapped with Sunday game times(and vice versa) to support ESHL.
    5. Reminders
      • As a player if you require IR, you need to message your Owner or GM on the website or on discord so the manager can submit your request VIA the Action Center.
      • If you are on a two or three season deal, you can use your official trade request VIA the Action Center--->Requests--->Trade Request.
      • As a player you are required to give a MINIMUM of FOUR games availability per week!
      • Capital Bans are a three season ban that MUST BE SERVED AND a $100 fine that needs to be paid upon return. Serving the ban or paying the fine DOES NOT remove the ban. Both are required to be eligible to play again! Reference the Ban Policy HERE
      • Please review the Participation Policy for NHL 19 HERE
      • Be sure to review the Website's Terms of Service HERE
      • All players are responsible for their actions on and off the website, please ensure you understand our Code of Conduct, reference HERE
      • Look ahead at the timelines for NHL 19 by referencing this POST
      • There is no limitations on traits, player builds, height and weight.
      • When sending staff and I a PM ALWAYS remember to @tag the player you are referring to! Also keep in mind at the bottom of a new PM, you have the ability to auto add the correct staff members to the PM. Reference this image:
      • [​IMG]

    If you have any questions please let me know asap!

    Don't forget to add me to Discord LG McDonald#5572 and Follow me on Twitter(LG_Commissioner) as we continue to grow the league and site!

    Best of luck this season!
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