Media Playoff MOTW - East and West

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What team is most likely to pull off the upset in round one?

  1. Knicks

  2. Raptors

  3. Suns

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  4. Blazers

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    Tonight begins the battle the best reward in all of sports... the clout of a trophy emoji next to your discord name.

    In our East match up we'll see the Wizards Vs the Knicks. Not many people are aware of this but the first two match ups between these teams ended with the ball in a Knicks player's hands as time expired. One of those shots fell, the other did not. Look for a dog fight in all of these games.

    Key players: Knicks: @OFG Twice Wizards: @Kobsos

    In the West match up I'm excited to see the Lakers Vs the Blazers. The Lakers showed in week 6 that they aren't on the level of the Grizzlies and Pelicans. IF the Blazers first line performs lights out this could be our week 1 upset.

    Key Players: Lakers: @Dats xx Blazers: @KhoreyHouks
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