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    With playoffs around the corner in April, please refer to these specific rules to help you be prepared for the postseason.

    SECTION 1: Playoffs Structure

    The best six of eight teams in the LGBA will advance to the postseason.

    The top seed from each conference will have a "bye" to the second round.

    All games continue to be played Wednesday through Friday at 930 and 1030 PM EST.

    Each series will be a Best of Five Games until a champion is crowned.

    The current LGBA rulebook is to be referred to if other rules are not covered in this section!

    SECTION 2: Playoff Requirements

    All LGBA teams must have their active roster allowing only a max of three players listed at the same primary position. (PG, SG, SF, PF, C)

    For away teams in the playoffs lines must be posted an hour before game-time as the home team will have to confirm their lineup thirty minutes to game-time.

    If the game starts at 9:30 PM EST

    Home Team: 9:00 PM EST
    Away Team: 8:30 PM EST

    If the game starts at 10:30 PM EST

    Home Team: 10:00 PM EST
    Away Team: 9:30 PM EST

    All stats from the LGBA Postseason must be recorded daily. Teams will have 24 hours to input stats for playoff games.

    Failure to follow these above rules will result in a warning for the first infraction and forfeits for the 2nd or more infractions.

    Roster players can only play twice in the first four games and are NOT permitted to play a 3rd game until game 5.

    Playing roster players over the maximum amount or not playing them the required amount will result in game overturns or forfeits.

    All TCs are allowed a maximum of one game per playoff series.

    Any TC players used over the limit will result in forfeit/game overturns.
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