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    Please refer to these specific rules to help you be prepared for the postseason. The current LGBA rulebook is to be referred to for rules not specifically covered below.

    SECTION 1: Playoff Structure

    The four best teams of each LGBA conference will advance to the playoffs.

    Each round will be a best-of-five game series until a champion is crowned.

    All games will continue to be played on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM

    SECTION 2: Playoff Requirements

    The away team must have their lineup confirmed three hours before game time. The home team must have their lineup confirmed one hour before game time. For example:

    If the game starts at 9:00 PM EDT
    Home Team: 8:00 PM EDT
    Away Team: 6:00 PM EDT

    Failure to confirm lineups on time will result in a warning for the first infraction. A suspension will be issued to management for the second infraction. Forfeits will follow the third and subsequent infractions.
    Roster players may only play twice in the first four games of a series and are NOT permitted to play a third game until game five of the series.

    TC players may only play ONE game per series and no more than THREE total games for the entirety of the playoffs.

    Failure to follow the min/max number of games required for players will result in game overturns or forfeits.
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