Possible Top 12 Matchups Last Week of 25k SJS Tourney

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    Was bored today and wanted to see all possible matchups for next week rather than waiting 5 more days. Someone smart can probably come up with a deep math problem for chances of each match up happening, something I dont feel like doing. but here are the possible matchups for Wednesday next for your viewing purposes

    1st Olympia: Vertigo, Prodigy, Nemesis

    2nd Vertigo: Olympia, Nemesis, HP, ENT, Nationals

    3rd Royalty: Nemesis, HP, ENT, Prodigy, Eclipse, Nationals

    4th Nemesis: everyone but HP

    5th Composure: Nemesis, HP, ENT, Eclipse

    6th HP: Vertigo, Royalty, Composure, Cohesion, ENT, Nationals

    7th BBB: Nemesis, ENT, Prodigy, Eclipse

    8th Cohesion: Nemesis, HP, ENT, Prodigy, Eclipse, Nationals

    9th ENT: Vertigo, Royalty, Nemesis, Composure, HP, BBB, Cohesion, Eclipse

    10th Prodigy: Olympia, Royalty, Nemesis, BBB, Cohesion, Nationals

    11th Eclipse: Royalty, Nemesis, Composure, BBB. Cohesion, ENT, Nationals

    12th Nationals: Vertigo, Royalty, Nemesis, HP, Cohesion, Prodigy, Eclipse
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