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    Hi friends,

    I am considering going after owner this season with all the openings. I also realize the struggle that many lower league management face when they try to take on ownership. Ive had success in the AHL level as mgmt and would only consider doing this if I got a talented and likeable mgmt group to join me. I feel like I could be a good addition to NHL, I am sort of the head of media in AHL and would definitely bring some media to the NHL. If you are interested or know someone that is, hit me up. I would be down to do all stats and gritty work as long as the mgmt team is good and can carry their own weight.

    Im not looking to go to NHL and just get rocked, been there, done that with nicky scrubya. I am looking to build a playoff team, that can contend for the cup.

    Let me know

    Ps... yes I know my stats s19-20 suck ass, I dont think anyone could have endured putting up with that team much better lol. Every season off of vancouver Ive done well
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