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    At Leaguegaming we have a very powerful power ranking system and algorithm and i'd like to spend some time explaining the system and use this as a reference for all future emo'ing.

    Everything starts at the game level. Every player in every game is given a power ranking number. This number has 3 major factors
    1. Did you win (highest rank), OTW (higher rank), OTL (low rank), Loss (lowest rank)
    2. The Quality of your opponent (this is based on who you play vs who you play with. This only comes into play if there is enough data in the season to build a profile. If you face a higher opponent, all other factors will increase in value, where as the opposite is also true)
    3. Your single game performance based on your position
    At the game level, there is a "CAP" on the power you can get for a stat. For example , The most power you can get for the stat of "Goals" caps out at 4. Meaning scoring 4 goals is the same as scoring 5 or more". We do this for 2 reasons, 1. not to encourage running up the score and 2. because scoring your 5th goal isn't as important as scoring your first. There is proof that at the lead grows, the level of competition does not.

    To elaverate on #3, If you are a D man, defensive stats are worth more then simply scoring where as if you are a winger, you're highly judged on production. Every position has it's on formula. We look at everything from Points, +/-, Time on attack, hits and many more. All have different weights. Having said that, this only works if the data entered is correct. This is why we send you a notification if stats have been entered for you and have the "Flag game stats" system. At the end of the day its up to you to make sure the stats for you are correct.

    What we do with the Power Rankings

    View attachment 746 Every Saturday I have a script to create the #PowerRankingSaturday thread. What this does is look at everyone who played Forward, Defense and Goalie (min 2 games at that position group) and than averages out/sorts them against the entire league. Thus we get the top 20 performances by forwards, Defenders and Goalies. As well as the top 20 worst performances. As mentioned above this is an average not a sum (because someone might play 2 games someone might play 4 ect but we need to sort them). The top 3 in each category get a "Player of the Week award" added to their profile.

    We also rank all the teams together. This is done by taking every single performance by all their players then averaging that value vs every other team. So Team power rankings are a sum of its players, and nothing more. Please note , forfeit games do not get looked at when it comes to power rankings.

    Player Power Rankings

    During the season we assign each player 2 values. Their season "Power Rankings" value (which is your average # based on all games in the regular season), and your "Streak" power ranking value (your average # based on your last 5 games).

    We then take those 2 numbers and compare them against the entire league. We then divide this into 7 groups based on %.
    These Groups Are (Streak value | Season Value)

    • 100%-85% on Fire | Elite
    • 85%-70% Hot | Dominant
    • 70% - 55% Warm | Pro
    • 55% - 40% Average | Average
    • 40% - 25% Chilly | Rookie
    • 25% - 10% Cold | Plyon
    • 10% < Bench Freezer | Bench Bait

    We show these values all over the site including game match up pages, player profile and in the forums ect

    Power Rankings Tab

    View attachment 747 In each league there is a power rankings tab, when this is opened up here you can browse the power rankings by week and season type. You can use the filters to quickly see the data you want (ie for your team, or your position group).

    There are 2 main pages, the players power ranking (shown here) and the team power rankings. All with it's respective stats and info.
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