Power Rankings Heading into Week 5

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    1.Denver Nuggets (19-2) : He's a man Rock!!! The Nuggets have shown that they are in fact human, dropping 2 games now. With that being said they are still the best overall roster in the league and its still going to take a special effort to beat them in a 5 game series, but you're telling me theres a chance........

    Team MVP: OG GrandPoppa : 35.8 PPG, 8.5 AST , 2.5 STL, has like a 134% 3pt% .. he's just like that

    2.Miami Heat (17-4) : The battle for first in the East continues to be a back and forth affair. The Heat have taken over the top spot going into the final two and a half weeks of the season. The depth of this team is really what continues to be its greatest asset with a second line that has only dropped one game all season to this point. They also have the most handsome hash shooter in the league..... (completely unbiased opinion obviously)

    Team MVP: xRICKOSHAY : 25.9 PPG, 8.2 AST, 1.8 STL , not as handsome as Flems.

    3.Atlanta Hawks (16-5) : Two tough losses to the Heat drops the Hawks down a little in these rankings. With that being said they made a huge trade acquiring who many think is a top center in the league in Slampson. This trade will make their already strong 1st line even tougher now.

    Team MVP: SNYPE BH : 29.2 PPG, 12.3 AST , 2.2 STL, Leads the league in dunks on a Heat Center

    4. Sacramento Kings (12-9) : So far, it appears that the trade for VenomOnFire paid off. The teams first line has found their star player and he has been lighting up the stat sheet. There are still a handful of questions that we should see answered in the coming weeks. How will Venom do when matched up against the top teams ? Will their second line be able to win them some games come playoff time? Even with those questions, the Kings are starting to emerge as the second best team in the West and they might be getting hot at just the right time.

    Team MVP: VenomOnFire : 36.4 PPG, 7.8 AST, 1.7 STL, everyone's second favorite 15 year old

    5.Detroit Pistons (14-7) :
    The Pistons are easily the most underrated team in the East. You don't hear their names come up very much when talking about the top teams but here they are only a few games out of first place in the East. They haven't had a losing week yet this season and have shown they can compete with the other top teams in the East.

    Team MVP : Xxshock242xX : 18.3 PPG, 9.8 AST, 1.7 STL, Likes to bang 51% contested game winning 3s in boys faces.....

    6.Los Angeles Lakers (11-10) : The Lakers had a much improved week 3, finishing 5-1 with some real quality wins. They do have 2 losses on week 4 but with that week only being half done theres still a chance for another strong week. They are keeping themselves in the hunt for the second seed in the West.

    Team MVP: SWAGGYxFRESH954: 25 PPG , 11 AST, Probably the most peaceful Laker in the League

    7.San Antonio Spurs (9-12) : I dont understand the Spurs. At times they play like they could beat anyone, other times...... not so much. This is a team that desperately needs to find some form of consistency. They currently hold the 4th playoff spot in the West, but thats only by a hair and I cant say for sure which Spurs team is going to show up in the final 2 weeks.

    Team MVP : LD Splikak : 22.5 PPG, 9.4 AST , 2.8 STL, Leads the league in hardest to pronounce gamertag

    8.Boston Celtics (8-13) : The Celtics currently hold the 4th playoff spot in the East.. which is actually quite impressive considering I thought the team was gona blow up after week 1. With that being said.. they still have a losing record and their second line has proved that they can win games. (Celtics are winless in games Beta Dreams hasnt played)

    Team MVP : Beta Dreams:
    29.4 PPG, 12.1 AST, Has chronic back problems from carrying the Celtics.

    9.Dallas Mavericks (8-13) : The Mavs have not been able to build on their success they had in week 1 with only winning 2 or less games every week since ( week 4 still tbd ). Those numbers just arn't going to cut. Whether it be because of some questionable trades they made or something else, the Mavs just have not been able to put it all together. They still have a shot at playoffs but they need to start churning out some wins.

    Team MVP : CookEmUp Dimez : 22.3 PPG , 5.8 AST, Will not be playing for the remainder of the season... so I'm sure the Mavs are happy about that ....

    10. Philadelphia 76ers (6-15)
    I could really just copy and paste my last write up for these guys and it would still be accurate..... actually yeah here it is:
    "A disappointing week 2 for the 76ers. They now currently find themselves on the outside looking in for the playoffs. There is still plenty of time to change that around of course but they definitely have to figure things out soon. Especially with teams like the Celtics starting to find their footing."

    Team MVP : im just a squid : 21.3 PPG, 5.6 REB, 4.2 AST, 2.9 STL, Definitely not just a squid.

    11. Charlotte Hornets (3-18) :
    I gotta hand it to the hornets. We all thought there were going to fall apart and fold after having 3 straight forfeits in week 3 and absolute radio silence from the management. But they came back in week 4 and got a huge upset win over the Hawks and took the Heat to the brink in a close loss. Playoffs may not be in the cards this season, but its nice to see them bounce back and continue to play till the end.

    Team MVP: You tell me.

    12. Golden State Warriors (3-18) :
    The Warriors just seem like a team that can't get their feet out of the mud. Forfeit losses ( some by lack of players , some by mismanagement) have hurt this team, but overall the team just doesn't seem like they've found any chemistry as a unit. Its not from a lack of trying from the management. Their season isn't totally lost yet at this point as the 4th seed is still technically attainable, but its going to take a borderline miracle for things to go their way.

    Team MVP : SlimeWorld : 17.7 PPG, 3.3 Reb, 3.3 AST, Is a far superior PG than Flems
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    On point @Flems506 I liked the little comedic pieces too. Lmao.
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