Pre Bidding Power Rankings

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    Hello LGFA world, your worst media team member is here bringing you these amazingly well put together Pre Bidding Power Rankings. I'm ranking teams based on their management team, their returning players and their transfer budget. I'm too lazy to revise any mistakes so sorry if they're are any. Also I want everyone that reads this to get as butthurt as possible, okay?

    1. :team266: Arsenal

    Owner : @Cosminnn4
    GM : @Jimbosu88
    AGM : @BLUESfan1997

    Transfer Budget: $43,000,000

    After a strong 2nd place finish last season, Arsenal look to take the next step and bring home some silverware this season. After re-signing Golden Boot winner @finkleberrie and TOTS defender @Destiny , they still have a whopping 43 million to fill the remaining 8 spots on their roster. Quite frankly, Arsenal have the ability the completely control the bidding period this season with their massive budget. Improving on their already outstanding returnees should be no problem for @Cosminnn4 and his team.

    2. :team285: Tottenham

    Owner : @Respecognyze
    GM : @youssefzooki
    AGM : @Pvt_Gosling

    Transfer Budget: $33,250,000

    Much of the core remains of the Tottenham squad that won the title in S7. @Respecognyze @youssefzooki and @Fabian I. Rodriguez all return after being named in the S7 TOTS last season. They also used a large chunk of their budget to re-sign one of LGFA's top GKs, @sINGLE---g6_ . Expect them to be firmly in the title race again this season.

    3. :team268: Liverpool

    Owner: @The_Blind_Ref
    GM : @KeEn_CJ
    AGM : @eldommenuccio

    Transfer Budget: $33,000,000

    Season 7 was a disappointment for Liverpool. After finishing 4th, they re-signed outstanding defenders @cerb-EXE and @Rj White , while retaining other key players @Ash_bae94 , @Jackovasaurus_ and S7 Golden Glove winner @XioGSheppy . Only time will tell if they can take the next step and become champions.

    4. :team267: Chelsea

    Owner: @bentobox_steve
    GM: @CodyBear
    AGM: @E_Fuchs

    Transfer Budget: $25,750,000

    Chelsea head into bidding with the lowest budget out of all teams. 2 / 3 of their main defenders @CodyBear and Beckenbauer winner @Mayor_35 return to lead the back line once again. The acquisition of @E_Fuchs should also provide a huge boost that should see Chelsea improve on their 5th place finish last season. @bentobox_steve is warming up the bus as we speak, don't expect to score many goals against this team.

    5. :team537: Leicester City

    Owner: @TheeButterflavor
    GM: @NickerLover
    AGM: @sizzlak09

    Transfer Budget: $40,000,000

    First time owner @TheeButterflavor did well to pick up stout defender @NickerLover and reigning Ballon D'Or winner @sizzlak09 as his management team, but will he be able to round out the squad during bidding?

    6. :team269: Manchester United

    Owner: @WinWitout4Knif3X
    GM: @Potts
    AGM: @tmbourg217

    Transfer Budget: $40,000,000

    United owner @WinWitout4Knif3X decided to forfeit his solid crop of returning contracts and eligible re-signs and reset his roster. Not sure I completely agree with that decision. That being said, picking up TOTS midfielder @Potts and a good utility player in @tmbourg217 is a solid start to building a winning squad.

    7. West Ham

    Owner: @Ethan11
    GM: @PandaKendo

    Transfer Budget: $40,000,000

    @Ethan11 stepped up become our 8th owner this season in his 2nd season in LGFA. Owning a team is no easy task and it remains to be seen whether he can handle the responsibilities that come with it. Grabbing good target man @A_BREED_APART is a good start to things though.

    8. Crystal Palace

    Owner: @alonzi401
    GM: @AZEVEDO2002
    AGM: @bayernm07

    Transfer Budget: $36,500,000

    LGFA legend @alonzi401 returns to the role of owner, this time taking Crystal Palace. I don't know who his GM is and @bayernm07 's goal return has dwindled down to almost nothing over the past couple seasons, so maybe not the best start in that department. They got a jump start on building their squad however, acquiring @Boytzz and @Toddy from Liverpool for 3.5 million.

    Thank you for reading, good luck to everyone involved in bidding! Also sorry to Palace and West Ham I couldn't find your little emote to put beside your names, guess I must be blind or something.
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    " @bentobox_steve is warming up the bus as we speak, don't expect to score many goals against this team. " Im sooooooo weak lmao.
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