Pre Season Power Rankings - EASTERN CONFERENCE

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    East Conference Power Rankings

    1. :team105: Toronto Raptors :team105:

    Obviously a little bias here. We missed out on what everyone knows was our main Target in Oneill. However the depth is very real in Toronto, with unknown rookies TAMBOTW, Dominick Hernandez, and vJustdifferent looking to make themselves a house hold names in LG. The raptors managed to pick up iham as their C who has instant chemistry with me, and if vjustdifferent works out it looks like we might just run away with it in the east, solely because our 2nd line is looking quite strong.

    Players to Watch: TAMBOTW / vjustdifferent

    2. :team98: Orlando Magic :team98:

    1st time owner RIPASAP27 coming off his ring with OKC last season, had a great bidding in my mind. He was one of the few owners who took a different strategy in taking solid players on cheaper contracts instead of blowing his load on the bigger names of LG. He already had a solid pg in thatsonip, and he added to by picking up our beloved complex. Say what you want about complex, but at 2.75 M contracct that is very reasonable for a PG when there didn’t seem to many viable ones out there. He followed that up by getting 2 pretty good lesser known locks in royalty and supa-hot-fire for a combined 6.75 M. This team has depth and they will be a the top of standings battling with Toronto and the #3 team on this list all season.

    Players to Watch: gzeuschrist / royalty

    3. :team82: Cleveland Cavaliers :team82:

    This is an interesting team and I think they will do quite well. I watched a little bit of owner BUMPED running scrims with his team the other day, and the boy still has the scoring gene. He got one of the bigger steals in the draft by snagging and LG unknown in justmyimage for 500k. He was also the laugh of the manager chat when he accidently bid 10M on chinua, which lucky for him was fixed pretty quickly. All in all they have a pretty strong 1st line, I think they issue and why I didnt have them higher in the rankings is depth. They don’t seem to have a 2nd line, but i could be wrong and if i am expect them to possibly finish higher than 3rd in the east.

    Players to Watch: bumped / justmyimage

    4. :team92: Miami Heat :team92:
    1st time owner YNW_belly who played for San Antonio last season picked xGotti to be his GM, who was the GM of the Spurs last season. I guess in doing so they decided to take pretty much their entire roster from last season as well. This team can be pretty much called San Antonio 2.0, heck they even got OTFLefty as a last signup RA who was on their team last season as well. They do have a couple changes mainly grabbing mintovermango who has been the pg for the Lakers for past 2 seasons. They will be competitive, I just don’t know if they did enough to get over the hump

    Players to Watch : novaballa / mintovermango

    5. :team81: Chicago Bulls :team81:
    Before bidding I had the bulls right up there with the Top 3 in the east. However then bidding started, and it all went south. I still think they still have a good chance in surpassing the Heat for the #4 spot, but unless they make some moves, or get gifted some good RAs this team might be in trouble of getting back to the eastern conference finals. The big thing they have going for them is they have good PG play which is hard to come by in LG.

    Players to Watch: coolviper / kingdeydey

    6. :team254: Charlotte Hornets :team254:
    1st time owner CoreyPotter and GM MRsellout were both on Charlotte last season, and grabbed alot of familiar pieces from that team. Bigmikeclickboom was on 2.75M 2 season contract, so he was retained and that is a pretty good price for a quality center. They lost 2 pretty good defenders in Furi and Cross from last season, but they added a very good pg in yahboii. I just dont see any depth in this team for a line 2 though, and even their line 1 will struggle against the better teams in the league. All in all I think they still squeak into playoffs, but it will be a fight with the teams below them

    Players to Watch: yahboii / bigmike

    7. :team97: New York Knicks :team97:

    This is a team that could make waves, and end up being much higher than the #7 ranking im giving them. There is just alot of big question marks for it to work out. If blicky actually decides to play a full season (every season so far he has raged and quit the league but managers have slacked and never gotten him banned) then they have a pretty decent PG. Dagoatrod and Bumpy are both really good rebounding wings, but they arent really on ball locks. So I think their might be a struggle for this team to defend, however like I said if blicky doesnt quit they just might have enough offense to keep up.

    Players to Watch: bumpy /dagotrod

    8. :team88: Indiana Pacers :team88:
    I was laughing pretty hard when owner DATBOYJOHNSON spent 6.25M on JJcortez. I thought this team was going to be in pretty rough shape all season, but then they went and got Comecheckme- who is a pretty solid player with very possible aspirations of the 2kLeague for 7.25M. I think the biggest problem with this team is going to be PG play... I just dont see anyone being able to score in a half court set on this team.

    Players to Watch: Looped / Comecheckme-

    9. :team79: Atlanta Hawks :team79:

    1st time owner Knox and GM trckze had kind of a baffling bidding. Most of their players are virtually unknown which isnt necessarily a bad thing, however I just dont know anything about this team to know what to think. Trckze himself is a decent pg, but I believe he will struggle playing against some of the better teams as they will be face guarding him pretty tight, forcing the rest of the team to try and create.
    Players to Watch: jimharden / kentuckyfan

    10. :team80: Boston Celtics :team80:

    Oh where to start with whats wrong with Boston. Owner vamp-life had very high aspirations of nailing down a very good lock and ended up losing out all of them. Which wouldnt of been a bad thing, however he went after those that he should of known certain teams had more than half their cap available for those said players. So by the time vamp realized he would not be able to afford any of them, all the remaining known players were gone and he now finds himself with over 12M in cap space available. Which definitely could be a good thing for trades, however he doesnt have any trade pieces besides TekisNEXT. TekisNEXT is an amazing lock, that could possibly win games for Boston that has no reason winning... so what is the problem you ask? TekisNEXT is probably not playing this season as he will most likely be drafted into the 2KLeague this season, and I think unless something terrible happens its pretty much a foregone conclusion that he will be drafted. So if that happens, Boston is going to be the worst team in the league.. Period.

    Players to Watch: TekisNEXT (if he plays)

    Shout out to MPLS-Anderson for helping with his thoughts on rankings
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    Left out my baby ktwice for Boston atlanta imo gonna end up worse than boston, Knox is a mediocre player and trickze is a dollar store version of myself, who is already a dollar store version of a good pg. Indy hands down the worst team on the list though, you can’t spend more than 500k, or heck even 500k on jj fucking Cortez. Knicks’ll be just as bad, shark does not know how to play center and he doesn’t help ever on the p&r, and josh is a mediocre center himself. Mike is a mediocre center imo as well so there’s always that. FYI yahboi is great but with the players the hornets have (they like to run 2 non shooters, atleast from what I was told) it’ll be a shit show. Rest of it’s perfect.
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