Predicting The Entire LGBA S28 Xbox Playoffs

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What home court advantage seed is most likely to get upset in rd 1?

  1. Wolves

  2. 76ers

  3. Warriors

  4. Suns

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    After yet another season full of forfeits, surprises, and newcomers and vets alike dominating, here we are. The final playoffs (that I know of) for NBA2k21. Let’s waste no more time and jump into my full predictions:

    Round 1:

    1 Wolves vs 8 Raptors

    Prediction: Wolves in 3

    The Wolves have dominated all season long, only losing 1 game the entire way. Jig has had yet another MVP caliber season and the supporting cast is as good as it gets. The Raptors do have some talent and may be better than that 18-18 record but, they fell apart in the final week. This ones easy to call, Wolves will sweep.

    4 Suns vs 5 Bulls

    Prediction: Suns in 4

    Two teams that I think few expected to be in this position, the Suns and the Bulls. Something both these teams have in common is they are filled with players that play together outside of LG, so this will give a bit of a BYOT type playoff series vibe. I’ve said throughout the season that I think Munnie’s line is too inconsistent and will cost Chicago the season, and I’ll stick with that. The Suns will continue to be consistent and take this series in 4.

    3 Warriors vs 6 Mavericks

    Prediction: Warriors in 4

    The Warriors are demons on both the offensive and defensive end. Kobi has improved a lot throughout the season and Ando has been Ando. Meanwhile, on the Mavs side, TomKo started off red hot, leading Dallas to a top 3 seed after the first bit of the season. But, the Mavs have since been incosistent and aren’t playing their best ball going into the playoffs. With that being said, I see the Warriors winning here in 4.

    2 76ers vs 7 Bucks

    Prediction: Bucks in 5

    How about the 76ers? On paper this team is very good, but I did not expect them to be this good. SubForce has been one of the best locks in the league yet again, and Empty and Kat have proved to be some of the best at their respective positions. Meanwhile, the Bucks went full line stack in the middle of the season. Marquise, Sahrento, Kvsra, and Comeup are a big 4 that not many can compete with. It is a given that the 76ers 2nd line will win their 2 games. So I’m going to put my money on the bucks first line. I see them winning games 1 and 2, as well as game 5 to pull off the upset and advance to round 2.

    2nd round:

    1 Wolves vs 4 Suns

    Prediction: Wolves in 3

    At this point we will have seen once again how dominant the Wolves can be. While the Suns may have some good momentum going into this matchup, the Wolves just simply have more talent. Wolves in 3.

    3 Warriors vs 7 Bucks

    Prediction: Bucks in 5

    Same story here for the Bucks. The second line will take 2 L’s and the first line will have to bring it home. Marquis vs Ando will be quite the matchup to watch, and it may determine the fate of the series. However, I just can’t vote against Comeup, Kas, Marquis, and Sahrento yet. Bucks in 5, again.


    1 Wolves vs 7 Bucks

    Prediction: Wolves in 4.

    What a matchup this is. We all know Kasra helped Jig and Tee win the chip last season, and now he is trying to steal one from them. The PG matchup in this one simply can’t get any better. It’s the MVP vs the 10 million dollar man. The Wolves will obviously take 2 against the bucks second line, so we are left once again with the bucks first line forced to go 3-0. And, I don’t think they can do it this time. The Wolves first line can easily steal a game against the Bucks line stackers, so I have the Wolves winning the championship in 4 games.

    There are your full playoff predictions. Last season, the Celtics looked like they were going to run away with it, and we all saw how that turned out. Other than the Wolves vs Raps matchup, the first round could go anyway, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see these predictions blow up, but we’ll have to see. Good luck to everyone!
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    Good write ups!!
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