"How To" Properly Submit An "Action Center Complaint"

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    You will find the Action Center tab on the top of the forum page labeled "Action Center". It will show up no matter what league you're in whether it be the LGHL / LGAHL or LGCHL. Upon finding the Action Center tab, The following screen below will show when you click on the Action Center to access it.

    LG Action Center View (Post Click).png

    You will have 3 Options to choose from as you see where it says "Create A New Action"

    1.) Appeal

    2.) Request

    3.) Complaint

    Please make sure you select the option that applies to you & the current situation you'd like to address.

    In this case, We will select "Complaint > Other > Any" as an example to show you.

    LG Action Center View (Post Click - Filling Out).png

    *NOTE* - Be sure you click & make sure to check-mark the "I verify" box in which you then can click submit after you have completed your complaint so it can be filed & we suggest "imgur.com" is the highly recommended hosting site for sending us your photo generated links as proof.

    In the "Message" box as shown in the above picture, be sure to include the following pertinent information.

    1.) Screen Shot Links - Using Imgur.Com to generate the links

    2.) Player / Managements LG Website Name

    3.) ANY other link needed to be provided as proof

    LG Alerts (Ruiling Notification).png

    Depending on if you filed a complaint OR you had a complaint filed against you, you will receive one of the above alerts.

    "Ruling On" means the complaint you filed has been ruled on by staff. When you click on the alert, it will take you directly to the ruling response staff gave you.

    The alert you get when you are issued a warning, suspension, or seasonal ban goes as follows "Ruling: You have been issued a _______ in Season ____ of the ______" . By clicking that alert you will be taken to the ruling response to let you know why you were issued the suspension,warning or ban.

    LGCHL Ruiling.png

    The example of a ruling response above . Under the "ruling" section it says *Test* that is where your official explanation will be located.

    The bottom section where it shows my user name where it says "Ruling" that will say "one game suspension" or "warning". Whatever you are actually issued, you will see in this case it says "Dismissed".


    Any Questions you might have, Please don't hesitate to ask the CHL Staff
    (Make sure you add ALL CHL Staff listed below in your message)
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