PS3 NCAAF League - Resurrection

Discussion in 'LGNCAA PSN' started by fldash, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Hi guys, I want to gauge interest for a PS3 2k8 NCAA league.

    Ideas are as follows:

    * CAP Teams (modeled after 2008 real-life counterparts, subject to approval and CAP guidelines)
    * Progression/Regression (including graduation)
    * Dedicated Website (including all stats from current and previous season)
    * 8 Week Season (places increased importance every game, as the real NCAAF is)
    * Required Scouting/Grading Reports (as you play you enter these reports, viewable by all. makes players aware of the tendencies of players before actually playing them)

    I have experience running leagues before, see though I'm no longer involved there. I also developed this but recently handed off development to someone else.

    My ideas would be to create a website to house everything since PS3 users don't get the same awesomeness that XBOX360 does. This would be mainly copying stats from the league screen to the website.

    Furthermore, I've found quite a few league rules, CAP guidelines, and progression/regression from other leagues I think I could build off of even though I'm new around here.

    I figured I'd start with 8 teams, then increase as popularity was gained (if it was), and that we could also develop a NFL style league to go along with it using those graduating from the NCAA league to be rookies in the NFL style league (with a draft of them).

    Is there any interest in anything like this? Are there enough PS3 players for it? No big deal either way, I'd just love to hear your thoughts.

    Of course it'll be SIM...
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