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    Well, after all the craziness and turmoil of the last week we are finally getting things started. With the team draft coming up tonight, here are a few things I fell that will help newer players and veterans alike.

    - Training Camp Players: With the roster and game cap system that has been implemented, TC's are going to be important to every team. I encourage owners and roster players alike to stay in contact with your TC's and help them get better just as you would the rest of your team. I know I and many vets can remember a time when having a TC available turned a forfeit loss into a victory. THESE GUYS ARE IMPORTANT.

    - Scouting Games: This one is mostly for newer players. After team draft, all teams will be running scouting games. These games are designed to allow players to show teams what they can do. If you do not play in any scouting games, owners will not know how you play and will not draft you. PLAY YOUR SCOUTING GAMES SO YOU CAN BE NOTICED

    - Complaints: I felt this point is necessary considering what has occurred over the last week. It is much more productive to take any complaints about gameplay, league rules, or specific members to your Owner, GM, or to the BOG team than to throw it out in the shoutbox. Many things in the shoutbox get lost in the shuffle, but telling a BOG or Owner/GM what you have to say is much more likely to warrant action. APPROACH ISSUES IN AN ADULT MANNER AND REPORT THEM TO THOSE WHO CAN DIRECTLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM
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