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    Welcome To LG TC League

    This is the way you can show your team what you have to offer.

    You can view the forums page by clicking this icon

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    Or By clicking the link provided below

    TC League Guidelines/Info


    Sunday- 8:00 PM EST, 8:45 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST
    Monday- 8:00 PM EST, 8:45 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST
    Tuesday- 8:00 PM EST, 8:45 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST
    Wednesday- 8:00 PM EST, 8:45 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST

    Sign-Ups For Games will be available: 24 Hours Before
    Games will be Set: Sun-Wed Two Hours Before Gametime

    Game Sign-Ups will be Found Here:

    If Confirmed for a game you will receive an alert:
    Alert Tab can be found on the Top Right Side of your screen:

    You can click this which is linked to the game your in:

    Then the game page will popup where the blue box you can get in contact with other players in the Game.


    What clubs do I need to use for this game?

    You can use any club that a member of your nightly team is on as long as the name complies with the LG Code of Conduct and Terms Of Service.

    You will need the exact name of the club you use to enter stats.

    Code Of Conduct Link:

    Term Of Service:

    How do I do stats for these games?
    Simple stats are done via the EA API system it takes all of 20 seconds All you need is the club name that you used and then follow the instructions listed in the article below.

    What happens if a player no shows?
    If a player no shows for the game or can't make it use Discord to find another available TC to fill in for your team

    Discord link:

    Do we have to stream the games?
    There is no requirement to stream the games, but streaming is a great way to get more attention on your play, so it is recommended to help highlight those players in the LGTC PSN league.

    Gametime Guideline

    Players Must Check-In Via the Blue Chatbox in their Schulded Game 30 Minutes before Gametime.

    The Player that Scheduled for Center for the team will be that teams Team Captain.

    If the Center is unavailable then anyone can take over Team Captain Role just message a Player Development Member in the discord for the Role.

    The Team Captain is responsible for:

    Finding ECU for players that did not Check-in

    Figuring out what Club to Use for that Team

    Entering Stats/Getting Game Screenshots

    Can we swap positions with players scheduled for the game?

    Yes, You can switch positions with players scheduled for the Game.

    Taking Stats With The *API* System

    There is still some manual input as this API doesn't give us everything we have today, Rather than losing these stats we decided to make those stats manual, So manually inputting stats will be required for the following 3 fields & Everything else we get from the API :

    Goals by Period

    How It Works

    It's simple, the user (Owner or Management) selects the LG Game, then types in the "EA Sports Club" their LG game was played on, That brings up a list of the last 5 games that EA Sports Club played. The user simply needs to select which EA Sports Game is connected to the LG Game.

    Here is a full demo

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