Re-Doing my AC Milan team rating!

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    Here is my reactions to my team ratings, and here are my new ones, for each player! First, I'll show you the old ones:

    1. xRichyyy- B+ I haven't seen too much from him, but the attacking frontline of Milan generally looks solid, so it's looking good!

    OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! Richy is a sure-fire pick for the Ballon D'Or, a lot of goals scored. New Rating: A+

    2. Clint Beriault C Completely untested in the LGFA, but let's see if he can do something this season.

    Mel did great! Definitely an underrated player this season since he is outshined by Richy, but another big candidate for Ballon D'Or! Big on goals and assists! New Rating: A+

    3. damienhimselfB Untested as an attacker in the league, there are some hopes for him to play well!

    Unfortunately, Damien hasn't done much this season, and has been traded around. New Rating: D

    4. Jonathon1810A- Another strong attacker rounds out the Milan front line!

    Jon actually has been a defender, but a strong RB! He's had great performances, and is a good part of our defense! New Rating: A-

    5. BrandonUtd B- Plays everywhere, a good buy for depth. Also he is loved by Chelsea (having gotten an extension last year!), which makes him at home at AC Milan.

    Good potential, didn't work out. New Rating: D

    6. Criminal Vidal A- A strong midfielder, who I've given a A- just because the bidding probably went too high for him. Ah well, you can thank however kept trying to outbid Milan.

    Vidal is a stud! Great in the midfield, and certainly was worth the cash! New Rating: A

    7. HazeyF B Didn't play that much for Chelsea last year, but a veteran from S3 for 500k is a steal, especially to help depth in the midfield!

    Huge steal with price, and a great midfielding presence. New Rating: A

    8. TOMIDEEZA A strong midfielder who will help a lot! Great to have him aboard!

    Was sent to Inter, and has gotten gametime! But that's the only positive I can say. New Rating: D

    9. wmbrkskillazC He hasn't been in the league in a while, but hopefully he can turn out good for Milan's midfield.

    He's gone. New Rating: F

    10. Ykaneko15 A- He only plays Sundays, but damnit he's a great attacking midfielder! A steal for the low price he was bid on, and he is great at helping create chances.

    He got traded to Inter, and has been decent, being one of Inter's good players. But he still has struggled. New Rating: C

    11. DonHexiQA Another great flex player, who specializes in defense and in goal! He can play everynight, and will help when Stun Gun is missing.

    Great help to the team, who can always fill in when needed. New Rating: unchanged (A)

    12. Air-best-legendA He is a stud at defense, and unfortunately he will have to shrink from his normal 6'6" build due to the height limit, but be sure to watch this guy for headers!

    Yeah, Demon might not have gotten the memo on the height limit. Anyway, Air is a good CB when he plays! Shame Milan is now stacked with defenders. New Rating: A-

    13. DennisC Once again, untested in LGFA, hopefully he helps shore up our Defense back line this year.

    Another good defender to help out AC Milan's wing back situation. New Rating: A-

    14. Stun Gun A- "He can head, his defending is brilliant, on the ball he's a joke. He passes the ball like a midfielder. One hundred per cent he is the player of the year. I don't think anybody has even got close to him." - Gary Neville on Stun Gun's performances last season. Anyway, only an A- because he only plays Sundays.

    Defenders with availability are a blessing in this league. He's been a stud all season, and a defensive rock! New Rating: A

    15. realdemonXA+ "Captain, Leader, Legend". These praises for John Terry perfectly describe realdemon. A killer central attacking midfielder, strong goalkeeper, and someone who takes one for the team, realdemonX is going to strike fear into opponents hearts, especially with his King Pooh discord icon.

    Demon talks the most trash in the league, and has made a few enemies. He's the Jose Mourinho of the LGFA, just with an attacking mentality. Great managerial moves, and acquistions from the ACL have made AC Milan a championship force. New Rating: A (he isn't the greatest player on our team).

    16. xXtichnell11XxA Another strong flex player that features as a striker and goalie! He also can brag about championship experience, as he played at Goattenham last season.

    Shame about his availability. New Rating: C+

    Of course, AC Milan also got some studs, who I will review now!

    1. RickyBobby, GK: A A strong GK with many big saves. Big chance he will win the golden glove.
    2. Nole, CB: A+ Finally, a great CB for AC Milan's defensive line. AC's defense has been ok, but this is the first super quality CB we got. Not to mention, he's a stud in the ACL.
    3. Leo, ST: A+ Another key attacking piece in AC Milan! He's been clutch so far (especially in the 9-0 destruction of Inter and 4-0 cup win over Juve).
    4. Ditch, FWD: A+ Look at stats. Need I say more?
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