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    This a League wide PSN address to cover some recent issues at the NHL, AHL and CHL level.


    • Recent information came to light about the player @ItsAGlitchGoalEh having his account recovered during a playoff game. The investigation lead to us uncovering the player did not play a single game for Boston this season.
    • That amounted to 13 wins or 26 points. BOS losing 23 points STILL keeps them in the playoffs.
    • The owner and player in question both were removed and issued three season bans.
    • BOS and FLA were instructed to play game six and game seven if needed. Both teams agree to skip game six and play game seven.
    • Game seven was played resulting in a BOS win.
    • Based on the recent post from @AgentSooksta008 staff and I have determine that due to his involvement he was not eligible for game seven resulting in a forfeit and Florida advancing.
    • Everyone involved has been issued a site ban and three season ban that will be updated once the new site policy is in place come Jan 2018.
    • The player DanyHeater was removed due to second tag issues within the Xbox League.
    • There was fabricated proof that the player was ALSO a second tag in our PS4 league. No proof was provided to determine that to be turn.
    • DanyHeater was on MIL which has resulted in their roster being below the required 17 man limit for the playoffs, WITHOUT ANY call up eligible players on their TC.
    • The ruling in place currently has MIL scheduling an ECU per game in that vacant defenders position.
    • There has been a handful of second tag removals from this season.
    • The playoffs have been filled with rumors surround second tag issues but nothing has yet to be found to be worthy of a removal or ban.
    • Several investigations are currently pending.

    Any questions in regards to any of the issues please contact me directly.

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