PSN Rescheduled Thursday Games - EA Server Outage on Mar 09

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    On Thursday, March 9th, before 9:00 PM EST, there was a widespread EA server outage that effected games scheduled. While the servers did eventually become restored later in the evening, many games were not played. All games not played on Thursday, March 9th, will be rescheduled.

    First, management from both teams must agree to a reschedule time, and communicate that in a PM to all PSN BOG. We will verify and reschedule the game.

    Second, if both teams cannot agree upon a set time to reschedule, then the game must be played on Sunday, March 12th, one hour before the following Week 6 games are to begin:

    NHL - 8:00 PM EDT
    AHL - 8:30 PM EDT
    CHL - 7:30 PM EDT

    Reminder this game will still count as your Week 5 game, so standard scheduling and ECU limits will be enforced. ONLY players originally scheduled to play the Thursday game are eligible to play in the rescheduled time. If an originally scheduled player is unable to attend FOR ANY REASON, then an ECU is required to be used.

    Article II : Scheduling And Game Night Procedures

    §5.2.1 Reschedule Restrictions
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