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    LGvs Rule Book

    ----: 1. Welcome
    ----: 1.1. The History and Purpose of LGvs
    ----: 1.2. Competition Level
    ----: 1.3. Style of Gameplay

    ----: 2. League Format and Commitments
    ----: 2.1. Regular Season Commitment
    ----: 2.2. Playoff Commitment
    ----: 2.3. Playoff Format
    ----: 2.4. LGvs Championship Tournament

    ----: 3. Prizes
    ----: 3.1. Regular Season
    ----: 3.2. Playoffs
    ----: 3.3. LGvs Championship Tournament

    ----: 4. Regular Season Ranking System
    ----: 4.1. Elo-based Ranking System
    ----: 4.2. Elo-based Mechanism
    ----: 4.3. Example of Elo-based Ranking

    ----: 5. Playing Games
    ----: 5.1. Creation of Games
    ----: 5.2. Accepting Games
    ----: 5.3. Reporting Games
    ----: 5.4. Disputes
    ----: 5.5. Cancelling Games

    ----: 6. Network Issues and European Competitors
    ----: 6.1. European Competitors
    ----: 6.2. Delayed Connection
    ----: 6.3. Ping Spiking

    ----: 7. Etiquette
    ----: 7.1. Unacceptable Behavior
    ----: 7.2. Infractions
    ----: 7.3. Wagering

    ----: 8. In Game Rules and Settings
    ----: 8.1. League Rules and Policies
    ----: 8.2. Custom Rules Settings

    Section 1 - Welcome

    1.1 The History and Purpose of LGvs

    Over the course of fifteen years LeagueGaming.com has evolved from a VS only NHL league into the home of the largest 6v6 simulation hockey league on the planet! LG is home to the 1% of the NHL community who are the best of the best on the virtual ice, and are the true superstars of the eSports Hockey world.

    The goal of LGvs is to get back to our roots and offer an experience that many are familiar with. We are looking to host an array of 1v1 events and become the training ground and home to the best Vs and HUT players on the planet.

    With the future focus of eSports Hockey currently being at the single player level, LG is no stranger to competitive gaming and is looking to offer the same great experience that has made this website the best community for eSports hockey.

    1.2 Competition Level

    With LeagueGaming already being the home of the most talented eSports hockey players in world the competition level for these events will be the best of the best.

    The purpose is to bring all of the talent together to compete under the LG brand and truly continue to grow the world of eSports hockey. .

    Section 2 – League Format and Commitments

    2.1 Regular Season Commitment

    There are no commitments in regards to playing the regular season. You may play as many or as little games as you would like. However, in order to qualify for playoffs, you must play a minimum of 20 games.

    The length of the season will be completely dependent on the event. LG is planning on running a varity of events that change in length and structure.

    *Seasonal minimum may change as well from event to event*

    2.2 Playoff Commitment

    There are commitments to players that make playoffs. If you make playoffs, you are required to play all of your games in the time allotted for each round. Forfeiting a playoff series will result in possible suspension from future seasons. Prizes won will also be forfeited.

    Playoff series lengths and timelines will vary from event to event.

    2.3 Playoff Format

    Playoff format will vary based on the amount of teams participating in each event.

    2.4 LGUHL Championship Tournament

    There will be a final tournament at the end of the season that consists of the best
    performing players throughout all LGUHL seasons. There will be no time constraints
    in this tournament. Players will only have a commitment if they accept their position in
    the Championship tournament.
    Cumulative Point System:
    These points will add up throughout each season. The number of seasons played will
    be undetermined and will vary.
    Regular Season Playoffs
     1
    st = 10 points 1

    st = 12 points

     2
    nd = 9 points 2

    nd = 10 points

     3
    rd = 8 points 3
    rd – 4
    th = 8 points

     4
    th = 7 points 8
    th – 5
    th = 5 points

     5
    th = 6 points 16th – 9

    th = 3 points

     6
    th = 5 points 24th – 17th = 1 point
     7
    th = 4 points
     8
    th = 3 points
     16th – 9

    th = 2 points
     24th – 17th = 1 point
    The Top 16 players with the most points will be put into a single elimination bracket
    where they will compete for the LGUHL Championship.


    Section 3 – Prizes
    3.1 Regular Season
    Due to problems in the past with prizes being awarded in the regular season, we will no
    longer be doing this. This includes no 1st place, most wins, or most games played
    rewards. However, players who place in the Top 8 will be guaranteed a prize since
    they automatically are placed in Round 2 of playoffs.

    3.2 Playoffs
     Top 16 (in playoffs) are all awarded prizes
    o 1
    st Place = 4 untradeable cards (of choice)
    o 2
    nd Place = 3 untradeable cards (of choice)
    o 3
    rd – 4
    th = 2 untradeable cards (of choice)
    o 5
    th – 8
    th = 1 untradeable card (of choice)
    o 16
    th – 9
    th = 1 untradeable TOTW/MS/POTG card (Predetermined)

     All of Top 16 (in playoffs) will receive 5 Rare Player Packs

    3.3 LGUHL Championship Tournament
    Prizes will be undetermined, and will be announced before the tournament takes place.
    These prizes will likely differ from the conventional playoff prizes. There will be much
    more on the line.

    Section 4 – Regular Season Ranking System

    The ranking system of LGUHL differs from that of the Divisional HUT Leaderboards.

    It is based on skill level rather than games played and division titles won.

    4.1 Elo-based Ranking System

    This season, we will be adopting the Elo-based ranking system. In previous iterations of the league, a much simpler algorithm was used, which did not accurately represent an individual’s true ranking amongst other competitors.

    4.2 Elo-based Mechanism

    Starting Elo = 1000 (everyone’s starting amount of points)
    r = Players current rating
    * The ranking the player is when they accept the challenge.
    R = Players adjusted rating
    * Used to calculate and get an appropriate value for E.
    R(1) = 10(r(1) / 400)
    R(2) = 10(r(2) / 400)
    E = Expected score
    * This calculates the % that a player should win, which translates into how many
    points they can win/lose.
    E(1) = R(1) / (R(1) + R(2))
    E(2) = R(2) / (R(1) + R(2))
    S = Score variable
    * These values correlate to the outcome of the game.
    Win = 1
    Loss = 0
    r' = Updated player rating
    * The new ranking the player receives after playing their game
    K = Constant = 32
    * The highest value a players rating can increase/decrease from a game. 32 is the
    average value.
    r' = r + K * (S - E)
    r’(1) = r(1) + 32 * (S(1) – E(1))


    r’(2) = r(2) + 32 * (S(2) – E(2))

    4.3 Example of Elo-based Ranking
    r(1) = 1140
    r(2) = 980
    R(1) = 10 (1140 / 400) = 707.95
    R(2) = 10 (980 / 400) = 281.84
    E(1) = 707.95 / (707.95 + 281.84) = .715
    E(2) = 281.84 / (707.95 + 281.84) = .285
    Say Player 1 wins, as he should 71.5% of the time.
    r'(1) = 1140 + 50 * (1 - .715) = 1149
    r'(2) = 980 + 50 * (0 - .285) = 971
    +/- 9 points
    Say Player 2 wins, but he only should 28.5% of the time.
    r'(1) = 1140 + 32 * (0-.715) = 1117
    r'(2) = 980 + 32 * (1-.285) = 1003
    +/- 23 points
    Theoretically, K could be increased as much as you want, but it causes the league to be
    unstable. Resulting in too many point fluctuations. 32 works well for a league like this.

    Section 5 – Playing Games

    5.1 Creation of Games

    *need your explanation*

    5.2 Accepting Games

    You can only accept challenges against the same person every 2 hours.

    5.3 Reporting Games

    Games can either be reported manually or via screenshot. Screenshots can be obtained directly from an Xbox account or uploaded to Twitter through PlayStation.

    *The home team is on the right.

    A single screenshot is required for reporting.


    5.4 Disputes

    Games that are reported incorrectly, or disputed will require video evidence and possibly screenshot. Although games are not reported via screenshots, a screenshot will be required to solve disputes. This proof can come in the form of a screenshot via Xbox, PS4, phone, video camera, etc. As long as we get proof, we can resolve disputes. It should be a common practice for you to take screenshots of the post-game score screen after every game you play. Disputes are a major problem. Players that are found guilty of inputting false scores will receive a ban. The length of bans is at the discretion of the commissioners.

    5.5 Cancelling Games

    There will no longer be an option to mutually cancel games between an opponent. If a game is accepted, the game must be played and a result must be recorded. If a game must be cancelled for any appropriate reason, a request may be sent to a commissioner. Logs on games that are cancelled will be kept. The abuse of cancelling games will result in a ban.

    Section 6 Network Issues and European Competitors

    6.1 European Competitors

    LGvs is strictly limited to North American players. Europeans are not permitted to register. If they are found doing so, they will be immediately banned.

    6.2 Delayed Connection

    We are aware that there is a delay between certain connections. This mainly pertains to West—East connections.

    Formal complaints about delay will be prohibited. Delay will not change the outcome of scores being reported.

    6.3 Ping Spiking

    Ping spiking is a much more serious matter. This results in packet loss, which can be the result of a poor internet connection. If a player’s connection is found to be spiking, a formal report can be made and sent to a commissioner. If we deem a connection to be unsuitable for LGvsL, we will remove said player from the league.

    * If you know that your connection is not very strong, please reconsider joining the league.

    Section 7 Etiquette

    Here at LGvs, etiquette is a very important aspect of keeping the integrity of this league at an exceptionally high level. We know that it is a competitive league and emotions can get the best of us. However, trash talking has a very fine line and all members of this league are required to act within those limits.

    7.1 Unacceptable Behavior

    Reference the sites code of conduct

    7.2 Infractions

    Warnings, mutes, temporary bans, and permanent bans will be appropriately assigned at the discretion of the commissioners.

    We cannot possibly outline everything that may be deemed unacceptable. There will not be an appeal process for members that are punished because of poor etiquette.

    7.3 Wagering

    Wagering in the shoutbox is off limits and will result in a timeout and/or ban. Attempting to wager will leave you vulnerable to scamming. Wagering elsewhere is appropriate, but LGvs is not responsible for any of the outcomes or circumstances that are a result.

    Section 8 In Game Rules and Settings

    All games will be play a friend. Bans for breaking rules will be at the discretion of the commissioners. Some will result in immediate permanent bans. There is no warning or strike system.

    8.1 League Rules and Policies

    • Position Lock is not allowed
    • There is no salary cap for teams
    • Continuous overtime. There will be no shootouts or ties. If the rules of the game are incorrect,
    • please end the game and play a golden goal.
    • Did Not Finish (DNF): The game should be replayed from the time and score of where it was left
    • off.
    • The team you sign up as IS NOT the team you have to use throughout the tournament. Any current NHL team is acceptable, ALL star team are not.

    Unacceptable behavior:

    • Puck ragging:Clear indication of playing keep away in order to protect a score. Offensive zone cycling does not count as ragging.
    • IP Booting and threatening
    • Wasting time:purposefully taking penalties to waste your opponent’s time.
    • Attempting to desync and loop games.

    Again, we cannot outline everything that may be deemed unacceptable. Actions and bans will be taken at the discretion of the commissioners.

    8.2 Custom Rules Settings

    Rules: Custom
    Period Length: 4 Minutes
    Fighting: On
    Injuries: On
    Offsides: Delayed
    Icing: Hybrid Icing
    Tie Break: Continuous OT
    Goalie Mode: On

    *No Entry Requirements

    Games that do not have the correct settings must be replayed. If the host loses, the game counts regardless. Games that are not put in Continuous OT, will only replay the overtime. A new game will be played, and a golden goal will choose the winner of the game.
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    2 questions; do we have to use the same team that we signed up with on the website? how do we submit our scores if we just type them in what do we have to press next
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    Yes you have to use the same team

    To enter scores. Click on the game and click edit stats. There is a thread about stat input in this forum.