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    There, now this doesn't look like a bonafide mess. We'll give each of these award winners, a spot for themselves to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work throughout the Season 10 Timeline.

    Sir Alex Ferguson Award (Manager of the Season): Bayer Leverkusen Management [ @neh-1985 and @Callumh71 ]

    On June 25th, their GM and AGM quit LGFA PSN. @Callumh71 takes charge as GM soon after. On June 29th, their Owner and 3 of their players quit LGFA PSN. @neh-1985 takes ownership on a team that have lost 40% of their starting 16 in a matter of a week. 3 weeks into the season, they had only 9 points out of a possible 36 points in the league with a better story in the cup, undefeated in the cup while in complete turmoil.

    Soon, the two caretaker managers are making moves to rebuild the roster, getting World Class players in: @Defti_95 for 500k, @Adhil98 for 500k, and @D-Saboteur for 1 million. Their transfer business concluded with a big money move for @BluePho_3enix for 8 mil to seal the roster they were looking for.

    They only drop 2 points in the league (43 points won out of 45 points) which had them get the longest winning streak in LGFA PSN at 13 consecutive victories before the season ended them in 3rd place.


    There really was not a better story for the SAF award other than Bayer Leverkusen as they were able to snag silverware in the DFB-Pokal by way of another late acquisition of @djalbanian and his 90th min winner vs. FC Union Berlin.

    Swiss Army Knife: @LastxTrick

    A lot, and I mean a lot of skepticism went into this guy at the beginning. https://twitter.com/LGFAPSN/status/1270811801794547712?s=20 The rookie coming off a great UCLL - Season 2 (World Cup Edition with runners-up Italy), no-one would have expected for him to go for 22.5 million (to put into context, a new team gets 40 million.) Well in spite of all that, he managed to prove that the money was indeed worth it. 3 TOTWs [2 at FB and 1 at CB] and a TOTS 18 entry helped his case and he was dominant in the positions he was required to play in. What's to say he doesn't have a future playing further up the field? The sky is the limit if he can get to work on his shooting...

    Most Improved: @Jackovasaurus_

    Seeing him all over the field last season, I felt like something was stopping him from doing so well. I still wouldn't be able to tell you what would have been the reason, but his former manager @TTV-TheManBerto had told me that before this season, that he was versatile option all over if you needed him to be. (Guys, do you see just how much of an upgrade we've had from last season? LOOK AT THIS, I USED TO WRITE IT BY HAND AND THEN TYPE IT AGAIN.)

    He and I both were shocked to see this revelation as Jack took the league by storm, scoring at a whim and even at will as he danced through the opposition defense. Helping his team into a surprising 5th place finish, he was the contributing factor for the club and there really didn't have to be another option for the Most Improved Award.


    James Coyle [Top Assister]: @D-Saboteur

    As you saw earlier before, D-Saboteur was a TC that was traded to Leverkusen for a million. To get that production out of a striker for that much, it's borderline insane to believe. They did their homework, they managed to bring him in and he helped spark what has to be the best turnaround of all of FIFA 20. Congrats man, you did as much scoring as assisting to be on here.


    Golden Boot: @KevinSLB1302 & @Jackovasaurus_

    A tie. Both players were crucial in their teams' success, and you'll hear more from Kevin later one. I don't believe that we have a tiebreaker, but I am happy to see two players get some silverware!


    Rookie of the Year: @D-Saboteur

    It was really between him and his teammate @Adhil98 , but D-Saboteur edges him out with his stat line. Truly we will watch to see if there will be any regression, but this guy can play that 9 role to the upmost.


    Golden Glove: @AZEVEDO2002

    He was oh so close to taking this award in S8 as a GM of LG Crystal Palace, he chose to be a forward in his first season of management in S9, but knew that his teams' best chance to win was with him at Keeper. And oh did that not turn out better than it expected. Winning his first league title and with him at the Keeper role, kept the most Clean Sheets in the league and lead in Save Percentage as well. Congrats man, you've earn all the accolades.


    Beckenbauer (Alonzi): @Goes171

    I didn't see this one coming. I thought @Mayor_35 had this one, but it seems that the title winning defender was able to stave off the stat led votes to get his recognition as core piece in the team with the most Clean Sheets, and even his stats were still phenomenal for the rookie center-back. Congrats, and best of luck for future success, you're a wanted CB now.


    Ballon D'Or: @KevinSLB1302

    Let me start with this screenshot.


    This was after the S9 awards were dished out. Kevin had just won TOTS 18, TOTT, the DFB-Pokal and was the Most Improved Player. I really didn't know what else to say. For him, he still took this as motivation to improve even further. This man had put Bayern on his back, scoring crucial goal after crucial goal to keep his team in the race, even after it looked like Wolfsburg would have all to lose. They still rode out and improved, and even then, Kevin was still the focal point for this team. This is a culmination of all his work from S8, you saw the potential then, you could see the hunger after the UCLL - Season 1 Finals appearance with him and @alonzi401 playing up top. Even after winning the cup after a rough end to the season 9, he still desired the title and more individual recognition. And he has it now. The Bundesliga title, back to back TOTS, the Golden Boot and now the Ballon D'Or. Congrats man, you really are a special player.


    Thank you all for your patience, and congrats to everyone in LGFA PSN S10! Best of luck in the second half of the first ever LGFA PSN WC!!
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