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    Based on votes in the offseason tournament proposal, we will run a short two-week tourney as our final send-off on NHL 21.

    Based on the timeline posted, we will modify accordingly based on league signups and Ownership applications. As this upcoming offseason will be the longest offseason for LG due to the release of NHL 22 being delayed to October.

    The tournament would be a draft style with tiered leagues.


    • Each league has its own draft for the NHL and AHL based on the S14 NHL and S14 AHL rosters, maxing at 12 teams.
    • Each roster would consist of 12 players.
      • Each team lands 4-5 TC (if it's just by level).
      • Possibly add in the AHL team as TCs if needed).

    • The schedule would be set as a round-robin (11 games against your league, 1 game each).
    • Playoffs would be the top 8 seeds per league.
    • 12-man rosters consisting of 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, 2 goalies.
      • Each skater has to play 5 games a week, goalies can split 6-5.
    • For playoffs rounds 1-2, each skater/goalie must play Games 1 & 2 respectively. Game 3 can be any combination.
    • For the finals, each skater/goalie must play 1 game before Game 3, and 2 before Game 4. Game 5 can be any combination.
    Suggested Timeline:
    • Sept 5-12: Plan out the event, find Owners, etc.
    • Sept 17: Draft for NHL
    • Sept 18: Draft for AHL
    • Sept 19-22: Reg Season Week 1 using 3-3-3-2 format
    • Sept 26: Round 1 Playoffs, BO3
    • Sept 27: Round 2 Playoffs, BO3
    • Sept 28-29: Finals, BO5
    If we do not reach the required amount of signups, we may extend the timeline to an additional week. Therefore, if you wish to play in the tournament, please signup. Your draft will be based on your S17 NHL or S17 AHL status. No CHL players.
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