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    Post 2 out of 3. Yep, I'm going there. I wanna get this up as quickly as possible so that I can finally get back to my vacation. This is the Season 10 DFB-Pokal XI, otherwise known as the TOTT XI. For some, the cup is a good way to find new talent, or to get other guys playing time. This season, it seems that a lot of teams took the DFB-Pokal seriously. And I am happy to see that this has taken place. The cup is another route for a trophy besides your name and well, it's still a way to get recognition. But you didn't hear this from just me, a cup-less player, take it from someone that's actually had the pleasure of lifting Season 9's DFB-Pokal and our newer addition to the Media Team, @Stun Gun as he gives you this season's TOTT XI, and once again, thank you to @AZEVEDO2002 for designing and creating the cards to go along side the write-up.

    [Looks like @Stun Gun didn't have a chance to introduce himself, so he'll go right into the list.]

    TOTT XI:

    GK: @AZEVEDO2002 (Bayern): Azevedo has proven again that he is a very strong goalie by putting up great numbers in Bayern’s cup campaign as well. He didn’t make it two cups won in a row, but he still had a great showing, and deserves this spot!

    15 GP: 63 Saves (86.3% Save Pct.), 8 CS [7.1 AMR]
    LB: @KingFetz (Union Berlin) Fetz is one of the best defenders in LG, and helping power his underdog side to the Cup Final showed just that. Lots of key possessions won and interceptions for the TOTS winner nab him another medal right here.

    14 GP: 1 A, 40 INTs, 31/39 TKLs (79.5% TKL Success %), 84 Possession Won/34 Possession Loss, 2 CS, 136/164 Passes Completed/Attempted (82.9% Pass Completion %) [7.5 A
    CB: @Goes171 (Bayern) Bayern’s top defender had a great cup campaign too, nabbing the rookie yet another medal for his profile cabinet! Key tackles as he helped Azevedo keep the sheets clean every Tuesday.

    15 GP: 1 G, 31 INTs, 14/34 TKLs (41.2% TKL Success %), 4 BLKs, 61 Possession Won/29 Possession Loss, 8 CS, 92/119 Passes Completed/Attempted (77.3% Pass Completion %) [7.7 AMR]
    CB: @Mayor_35 (RB Leipzig) You know who he is, and honestly it’s just Mayor. World class CB, and despite Leipzig having a weaker season overall, Mayor still put up huge numbers in the cup and league, earning himself the TOTT card right here!

    12 GP: 28 INTs, 15/23 TKLs (65.2% TKL Success %), 3 BLKs, 49 Possession Won/24 Possession Loss, 2 CS, 38/45 Passes Completed/Attempted (84.4% Pass Completion %) [7.8 AMR]

    RB: @King_Barros (Bayern) The former cup winner found himself outside the TOTT last season, but he got revenge this season, popping himself onto the list with a great season played at RB, where his teammate and now 2x cup winner Callum sat last year.

    15 GP: 21 INTs, 22/53 TKLs (41.5% TKL Success %), 1 BLKs, 656Possession Won/47 Possession Loss, 8 CS, 135/162 Passes Completed/Attempted (83.3% Pass Completion %) [7.4 AMR]
    DM: @neh-1985 (Leverkusen) This rookie caretaker owner came in and led his team to the cup in a great season, and now gets a TOTT slot alongside that big trophy that is always great to win!

    13 GP: 1 G, 2 A, 41 INTs, 29/64 TKLs (45.3% TKL Success %), 2 BLKs, 75 Possession Won/53 Possession Loss, 6 CS, 167/199 Passes Completed/Attempted (83.9% Pass Completion %) [7.8 AMR]
    DM: @Mo0odi-992 (Mochengladbach) Moodi has always been a super strong defender, so while Fabiolo’s side might not have won any silverware in this campaign, Moodi’s still been an elite player with another TOTT/TOTS combo this season!

    13 GP: 2 A, 41 INTs, 31/48 TKLs (64.6% TKL Success %), 1 BLKs, 81 Possession Won/33 Possession Loss, 5 CS, 154/173 Passes Completed/Attempted (89.0% Pass Completion %) [7.9 AMR]
    CM: @J-Bohemian (Leverkusen) Bohemian has always been a solid midfielder, and key contributor to Leverkusen’s success in the cup. This champ truly earned his spot easily on the TOTT.

    11 GP: 5 Gs, 4 As, 161/200 Passes Completed/Attempted (80.5% Pass Completion %), 10 KPs, 16/19 Shots On Target/On Goal (26.3% Goals/Shots On Goal %), 16 INTs, 10/37 TKLs (37.0% TKL Success %), 25 Possession Won/81 Possession Loss [7.1 AMR]
    LW: @Argo2315 (BERLIN, not Koln) Argo had a solid season, and an especially solid cup run. Goals and assists galore for the forward gets him a spot in the attacking trio for the cup TOTT!

    16 GP: 9 Gs, 5 As, 17/28 Shots On Target/On Goal (32.1% Goals/Shots on Goal %), 182/217 Passes Completed/Attempted (83.9% Pass Completion %), 14 KPs, 38 Possession Won/108 Possession Loss [7.5 AMR]
    ST: @Fabian I. Rodriguez (Mochengladbach) Mr. Fabiolo himself makes the list! Despite his title winning streak as an owner coming to an end, he still managed to get a nice medal for his LG cabinet with the TOTT spot after his great performances on Tuesdays!

    13 GP: 13 Gs, 4 As, 22/26 Shots On Target/On Goal (50.0% Goals/Shots on Goal %), 162/221 Passes Completed/Attempted (73.3% Pass Completion %), 7 KPs, 28 Possession Won/130 Possession Loss [8.2 AMR]
    RW: @D-Saboteur (Leverkusen) Arguably the best striker in the league behind Bayern, no surprise to see Saboteur on this list too. Cup winner, 1.5 goal contributions a game (7g, 8a in 10 games,) truly elite numbers for the rookie. A worthy player to close out our TOTT list!

    10 GP: 7 Gs, 8 As, 15/22 Shots On Target/On Goal (31.8% Goals/Shots on Goal %), 145/178 Passes Completed/Attempted (81.5% Pass Completion %), 12 KPs, 33 Possession Won/87 Possession Loss [8.6 AMR]
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